Forward Thinking Equals Island Dreaming

November 6, 2016

While looking at my Bucket List recently, it seems I have been doing quite well in collecting experiences that I have pre-listed as my desires; yet there are a few more I would like to be able to cross off next summer! Although, a Christmas holiday is first in order, I cannot seem to get summer out of my head and, therefore, thinking about the ways to have a fabulous family holiday and achieve maybe one or two Bucket List goals? Let us have a look. . .

An Island In The Aegean

The Mediterranean is always a strong candidate for an island holiday and this time I strongly advocate steering clear of cosmopolitan destinations, especially if you are not traveling only with your beau. The less known islands, such as Folegandros for example, will offer an overall more fulfilling experience for the entire family! However, you do not want to trade comforts and amenities for peace and quiet, so it is very refreshing to find the Design Hotel Anemi offer both. Set in an amazing location with the sea almost at your feet and as your daily horizon, this hotel allows its family guests to completely unwind, relax, and spend some quality time together.

Apart from stunning facilities, the Anemi Hotel provides its guests with a wide range of experiences and activities, that promise to enrich your moments and find your inner balance. Fitness and leisure are expertly combined with many programs to choose from to keep you active and fit, while they also provide baby and childcare services, keeping your infant safe and happy while you also enjoy some much needed alone time. Now on the subject of Bucket Lists, it is also possible to arrange scuba diving sessions to explore the Aegean Sea wonders of the underwater world. So why not consider getting my advanced scuba licence here? That would be my #10 on the list, and after all, I am on vacation with (quality) time to spare!

Scuba in Folegandros
An Island In The Ionian

On the other side of Greece in the Ionian Sea this time lies another island dream, on Corfu’s Capo di Corfu resort. Having singled out this resort for a while, I have done so as it promises all those things that make family holidays so special: a stunning seafront location, wonderfully elegant and functional facilities, and expert childcare services. All in all, it provides an integrated, family hospitality experience that is bound to be remembered by all family members. And for this reason alone, I override needing a Bucket List goal to cross off! Check my previous post for more Capo di Corfu details.

A Cluster Of Islands In The Caribbean

Now on the other side of the world, my #31 Bucket List goal is to sail around the Caribbean, which is a big and quite challenging task, as there is simply so much to see. Sailing is an experience like no other and it fills you up with an unprecedented sense of freedom, yet it involves some level of effort on your part. Deciding to sail is an important travel choice, as you have to be able to be a slightly more tolerant guest, since you are sharing the vessel with a whole number of other individuals. Cruising is the more comfortable alternative to sailing, since it requires no effort, but still means you are pretty much stuck on board. Thus, before you embark upon any long floating journey, you must be sure it is exactly what you want. On one hand you will get to see a number of destinations by boarding just once, although on the other hand you are not independent at all. Consider breaking the destinations down and opt for smaller, more boutique cruises that offer a more compact sailing experience that you are more likely to enjoy!

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