Things To Consider Before Proposing During The Holidays

November 17, 2016

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It is that time of the year again. The Yuletide season brings joy to each and every person in the world — boys and girls, men and women, people of all ages. All are excited for the holidays and are probably tied-up in planning their shopping lists for gifts. After all, what better way to show your loved ones that you care than with a parcel-wrapped mug or sweater? However, there are those who prefer planning under a low profile, perhaps preparing for a wonderful surprise. While many are hoping to roast chest nuts on an open fire this season, some men would take this opportunity to ask their maiden for marriage.

If you are planning to allure the woman of your life in providing you that everlasting “yes”, never forget that proper planning is a must. You can only do so much for your plans to go smoothly as possible, but remembering a few do’s and don’ts would save you from embarrassment and, at the same time, help you succeed in asking for her hand in marriage.

Consider The Things That She Likes Most

We are not just referring to her favorite food and color. Knowing her favorite spot enables you to plan a majestic setting from where the proposal may take place, may it be the beach where you both first met or the record store where you first bumped into her. Your imagination is the only limitation to this aspect of planning. The best thing is, no matter the place, commercial spots offer promos during the holiday season, which means you may be able to garner discounts and great deals when reserving the place for the proposal.

Ask For Help

No man is an island. Be aware that she has her parents, sibling(s), and friends that you can coordinate with. They would be able to help you keep tab on her whereabouts while you are preparing at the venue. They may even mention her favorite gemstone perhaps, which may give you an idea on the type of ring that you may surprise her with, and believe us; it would be easier to choose one that way, especially if you are familiar with engagement rings and the most sophisticated custom wedding rings in Melbourne. Take note that getting help from her family and friends also decreases your expenses; the more people to include in the plan, the more who will probably chip in on the expenses, the lesser you will have to pay.

Relax And Meditate

This may sound weird, but in spite of the years you have had being her boyfriend, there may still be a few factors in your relationship that you may need to familiarise with or iron out. It takes years to fully know a person and what better way to know her more than with a relaxing trip during the holidays. It is like hitting two birds with one stone, getting to recognize her as a whole during the holidays and then popping the question right before the trip ends, with the valuable people in her life in full attendance as a surprise for the finale. Trips are even discounted during the holidays so you will be able to save for the wedding day.

Overall, what matters most is that you already have a clear view of what lies ahead for your relationship. Getting her to say yes is just the beginning, after all! Both of you have a life long journey ahead, made strong with a relationship, as strong as a diamond.

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