Idyllic Destinations For The Greatest Yes Ever

June 9, 2016

Wedding Destination

Your proposal, wedding, and honeymoon is a sequence of events that change your life like no other! It is a mapping of where you declared your love to the world and ideally each experience will be better than the last, as it is the next step of your joint journey into perpetual happiness.

Wedding Destination

Consider your proposal happening somewhere magical, in a wondrous location that is almost unreal. Now, imagine your wedding taking place somewhere phenomenal, where your every sense is on edge and where your emotions are surpassed only by sheer, natural beauty. Finally, your honeymoon should be somewhere where you can relax and be intimate with one another, all the while offering activities through which you can bond you with your spouse; sharing new visuals and new horizons.

With these elements in mind, let us see where you can sweep your darling off their feet and guarantee the biggest and loudest yes ever!

Alhambra, Spain

Propose In A Palace: Spain

For a marriage proposal that resembles a prince-meets-princess fairytale, take your loved one on a magical tour of the wondrous Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain. This mid-13th Century Palace and fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Heavy in history and intrigues; it is a place filled with fable and an aura of the past. Romance and serenity exude from every hall, arch, and courtyard, as the sophisticated Moorish and Spanish art depictions create a sense of awe and amazement. Combine your Granada visit with a cruise trip by Variety Cruises and you will get the best of both worlds. One of the most romantic trips a couple-in-love can choose is a cruise, since you have your destination itinerary already pre-decided, you only have to pack once and you will get to discover a million visuals with the least effort on your part. More practically, that means more time for just the two of you.


Have A sea, Sun, And Sand Wedding: Seychelles

Exchange vows of eternal love and devotion on a pristine beach, with pearly white sand forming the aisle and the azure tropical waters being the backdrop of your altar. Seychelles may be a popular choice for honeymooners, where the natural environment is only enjoyed for the leisurely moments of relaxing and exploring, but you can beat them to it. You will not find a wedding destination with more inherent, simple yet striking beauty. If you are nature enthusiasts, why not arrange for your wedding ceremony to take place in the earthly paradise of the astounding La Digue? The flawless scenic landscape will spellbind you and your loved one, as all the elements of natural beauty come together harmoniously at the most important moment of your lives.

Santorini, Greece

Honeymoon At The Top Of The World: Santorini

After the noise and the banter of the wedding ceremony is over, and all the guests have left, it is just you and your newly betrothed. If time could stand still, you would make it, and this is what a honeymoon at Andronis resembles. Honeymoons here are almost out of the dream realm; the breathtaking views of Santorini’s caldera never fail to enthrall you from your exclusive terrace.  Here privacy, intimacy, seclusion, romance, and serenity are the five foundations of your honeymoon experience, while the services and amenities of exceptional standard will fulfill your every wish and whim. Incredible cave pools will allow you to unwind and be yourselves behind closed doors and the spa will rejuvenate your mind and body. Find your honeymoon love nest from the eclectic, luxurious suites, making sure you will not need anything more from your honeymoon destination, except perhaps an indelible, starlit in-house dinner at the top of the world, sitting opposite the only person in your world.

Beach Wedding

Of course, if you are looking for a single destination that can not only cope, but elevate your romance to a zenith, then look no further than the magical location of Santorini. It is uninterrupted scenes of enchantment, somewhere in between myth, history, and tradition. The aura of the island will be your be guide, inspiring you at every whitewashed corner. Once you make the right choice in accommodation that satisfies all of your requirements, the romance the island exudes will subconsciously lead you to find the most appropriate moment to propose, the most inspiring place for your wedding ceremony, and the most intimate safe-haven for your honeymoon, all in one!

Always Forever

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