Perfect Way To Grind Beans For Tasty Coffee

January 16, 2017

Coffee lovers who need a cup of steaming and tasty coffee for their extravagant mood must know how to prepare it perfectly. And to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, it is really important to know all the steps up to the mark, starting right from grinding the coffee beans to brewing it. Many a times, people make mistake at the very first step of grinding the coffee beans and end up with a disastrous result. Thus, it is very important to begin with the right way and nail the process of grinding the coffee beans perfectly as it is a challenging task. We shall discuss some simple yet amazing ways of grinding coffee beans perfectly for a tasty cup of coffee at your own kitchen.

Tips And Ways

The first and foremost thing about grinding coffee beans is the measurement. An accurate ratio of 16:1 (water to coffee) needs to be measured before grinding the beans. Accurate measurement will lead to a perfect taste and will leave you without any leftover ground coffee.

Another important thing about grinding coffee beans is to grind them fresh each time before use. Grinding coffee beans and storing them will make them stale and it will disrupt the taste thereafter. Hence, you should buy whole coffee beans and grind them accurately with perfect measurement. Even if you grind them beforehand, make sure to store the ground coffee in an air tight container so that the taste remains fresh and enhanced.

One of the most important things about grinding coffee beans is the consistency. There are three types of grinding consistencies which you need to maintain when you want to brew your coffee in a certain brewer. There are different types of machines used for different consistencies of coffee grounds. For instance, a coarse type of consistency in coffee grounds can brew efficiently in percolators or a French Press. Coffee grounds with medium consistency can be brewed properly only in flat bottomed drip coffee makers. Fine ground coffee beans in the consistency of powder can be brewed perfectly in conical drip coffee makers or an espresso pot.

The next important step in grinding coffee beans is choosing the right type of grinder. There are two types of grinders used for grinding coffee beans, blade grinders and burr grinders. Usually, bur grinders are used for grinding coffee beans due to the consistent and precise grinding technique. Burr grinders grind the coffee beans evenly, turning them into a fine powder. Blade grinders are not recommended usually, but they are used sometimes. See The Coffee Folk for a guide to the best grinders.

Grinding Coffee Beans Using Burr Grinders

Burr grinders can get a bit expensive on your budget limit, but the investment is completely worth it. They use two discs, also known as burrs, to grind the coffee beans. If you need a proper, precise and consistent grinding technique each time, bur grinders the solution for the same. You can achieve a tasty and aromatic cup of coffee just like the one you purchase in a café using a burr grinder. What is more, you can grind according to your required consistency, which can be used in any appliance, ranging from a French Press to espresso. Know more about available conical burr coffee grinders in market.

The distance between the burrs determines the consistency of the coffee ground. So, you can easily set the distance and consistency that you require to prepare your perfect cup of coffee.

Grinding Coffee Beans Using Blade Grinders

Blade grinders use two blades positioned at the bottom of the container and they roughly chop the coffee beans to give an improper consistency. Another drawback with a blade grinder is that it generally has manual operation. Hence, you need to properly measure the coffee beans ratio and work on the settings. The consistency of the coffee beans with a blade grinder can be achieved by trial and error method or by continuously eyeing each step or grind. With regular practice, you can get habituated in grinding coffee beans using a blade grinder with the required consistency each time.

There are many types of grinders available in the market. You just need to research about the type of blades or burrs, the resulting consistency and the cost before investing in one.

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