Important Safety Tips While On A Ski Holiday

January 30, 2017

Going on a ski holiday with friends or family or is the dream of many. Skiing is an obsession, the thrill that one feels when one glides down a slope cannot be explained. Skiing is a motor skill which cannot be forgotten, even if you start skiing after a long hiatus, you will pick up and start moving confidently down the slopes. However, the main concern would be safety and it is essential to include all safety gear that is necessary for this fun activity. Pay heed to the following safety tips:

Wear A Helmet While Skiing

There is a school of thought that says there is no need to wear a helmet while skiing. It is a highly debatable position to take. According to medical experts wearing a helmet reduces the risk of death and brain injuries to a large extent. Michael Schumacher was wearing a helmet when he met with an accident, but he is alive due to the helmet, otherwise he would have been dead according to doctors. Hence, it is advisable to wear a helmet while skiing; it does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Wear A Spine Protector

The spine is very important and needs to be taken care of properly. If your spine gets injured, chances of your life being spent on a wheelchair are very very high. Spinal injuries occur in fast sports such as skiing. Hence it is advisable to buy and wear a high quality spine protector that absorbs all the impact and keeps your spine intact.

Control Your Speed

Just recently our family had rented an apartment Courchavel in France and we enjoyed a great ski holiday. While going down the slopes my 13 year old son was repeatedly clocking more than 30 mph. This sort of speed for children is very fast and if they have an accident it can harm them considerably. Also the resorts were crowded with all sorts of people and when there are beginners and you have a child approaching downhill at a fast pace, you can imagine the type of accident that could take place. Hence it is advisable to control your speed and when you are traveling as a family make it a point to ski a little slowly. Remember you are here to spend quality time with your family and not just ski. Skiing is a bonding time for the family, so do not go too fast.

No Drinks Before Skiing

Alcohol can have adverse effects while you ski. It could make you ski faster than normal or you could be disoriented and this could lead to accidents. Alcohol and skiing do not mix, so do not drink. In France, if you meet with a ski accident after drinking, then chances are that the insurance will not cover you and you may have to pay all expenses from your pocket.

No Eating Just Before Skiing

You should eat food at least one hour before skiing. The body needs at least that much time to digest food. If you eat and ski immediately you may feel nauseous and even dizzy too.

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