Five Contemporary Dining Chairs That Work With Every Table Shape

January 25, 2017

The dining room or kitchen table often serves as the hub of the house. While you are not necessarily serving a three-course meal for a dinner party every night of the week, it is still the place to catch up with family and friends on a regular basis over a shared meal. It is important to blend design with functionality. You do not want a magazine-ready setup that does not allow people to settle in and get comfortable, nor do you want a worn-out dining set that is fine if you do not look at it for too long.

The first dining arrangement that jumps to mind is the classic furniture dining table with space to seat six. But, depending on the size and layout of the room, as well as personal taste, many people mix it up with a square, circular, or oval-shaped dining table. Others are still using their starter tables but know that they want to upgrade soon. In these cases, it is highly useful to choose contemporary dining chairs that work with multiple table shapes. Read on to learn more about modern seating options that pair well with a variety of tables: 

Windsor Chairs

Windsor chairs certainly were not invented yesterday, but the craftsmanship and styling possibilities make them a stunning modern choice to set your dining room apart from the pack. This idea book from Houzz shows Windsor chairs seated around all kinds of tables, whether it is a set of six at a formal rectangular table or four at a modest round breakfast table. Bonus: If you are short on space, you can place them elsewhere in your house, like a bedroom or living room, and bring them to the table when you need more seats for guests. 


Is it a tight squeeze to walk by your table as is? Sometimes it is the luck of the layout that you simply cannot accommodate bulky chairs. In this case, consider opting for modern stools that you can tuck away between mealtimes. As the Huffington Post adds, they also do some serious work toward opening your space up and giving it an ultra-modern look.

Wishbone Chairs

Chairs are some of the most practical items in our homes, but they can also function as artistic flourishes. Take the CH24 Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen, one of the modern dining chairs available through Lumens. This pinnacle of Danish design instantly lends a sophisticated vibe to any dining area with impeccable use of materials and form. The clean lines and distinctive mood allow them to work seamlessly with tables of any shape.

Comfortable Upholstery

You want your guests to sit down and stay awhile. As Southern Living advises, choose dining room chairs with padded and upholstered seat backs if you want your guests to feel comfortable enough to linger. It does not matter how polished your chairs look; if your guests are squirming around throughout the duration of the meal because the chairs are stiff and unforgiving, it will be hard to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Comfort matches with every table style.

Bend The Rules

Some people believe that rules are made to be broken. Have you ever asked yourself why we assume every dining chair should be uniform? Exactly! Give yourself permission to mix up your seating and break free of the mindset that every chair must be part of a perfectly identical set. HouseBeautiful brings up the point that you would not have eight of the same chair in your living area, so why is that the standard for kitchens and dining rooms? Choosing a common theme like color, finish, or era can help guide your collection, or you can truly mix it up for a liberating and one-of-a-kind display.

When it comes to matching virtually any table, you cannot go wrong choosing a contemporary seat design that speaks for itself. The rules are far less important than providing a comfortable, accommodating experience for your loved ones and choosing furniture that does your home justice.

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