Seven Main Mistakes You Can Face While Thesis Writing

January 24, 2017

Writing a thesis statement is a quite difficult task to accomplish, as you have to stuff all the main points of your work into a few sentences in a convincing and informative manner. Such a piece of writing should include only one idea and precisely represent the structure of the paper. Students usually have a lot of trouble when writing it and we are here to help you to solve these issues.

The following are the seven main mistakes you can face while thesis writing:

  1. Overall section. Whity-brown piece of writing is inappropriate as a thesis, since it covers too much information that is impossible to discuss properly within a paper. You have to make it sector-specific ad clear. It may be longer than a general one, but it will be correct.
  2. The part that does not invite discussion. This point is not always necessary, however, controversial beginning of the paper attracts attention of the audience. Although, before adding a discussion to your writing, make sure that the task calls for it.
  3. Thesis that involves several points instead of single one. Professional writers of spider essays state that it is, perhaps, the most common mistake there is. Strangely enough, but students manage to stuff too much information within a couple of sentences as every detail in thesis serves as a point of analysis in the further writing. It is appropriate to add sub points, but they have to itemize the main idea instead of broadening it.
  4. Using a question as a thesis statement. The name of the paper section speaks for itself; you have to state something instead of raising a question. However, some people tend to muddle research questions with a statement.
  5. Make a thesis statement an observation. The main aim of the thesis is to bring out an opinion instead of stating the fact.
  6. Broadening of the statement aiming to summarize everything said in the paper. Some students try to square the circle and retell all paper in the thesis statement. Of course, a thesis is a kind of a mini-outline, but do not try to cram every detail of the paper in it.
  7. Skipping editing and proofreading. Usually students write thesis statement and then the whole paper. Still, often there is a situation when writer finds new facts or arguments and forgets to cover it in the thesis. When you finish your paper, do not forget to check that your thesis fits the rest of the paper.

Professional Help With Thesis Statement Writing

We are here to lend you a helping hand with this tricky assignment. You can order your thesis here or get some workable tips that will boost your paper to the next level. Our writers are eager to share their professional secrets of successful writing, as our main aim is to show students how to create perfect papers on their own using our tips and papers as samples for the future writing!

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