Five Tips For More Efficient And Focused Writing

January 8, 2019

The fact that anyone can learn to write does not necessarily make everybody a writer. It takes skill, experience, and even a bit of natural ability to give shape to any written literature, but it is certainly possible for anybody to become a more efficient and focused writer than before, with help from the five tips that we are going to discuss next.


It sounds generic, but there is just no way to replace practice when it comes to improving on any skill in life. Therefore, you can also improve your writing skills through practice, as long as there is a method to it. Here are a few tips that you will likely find to be quite efficient in making your practice sessions more fruitful and effective:

  • Write and rewrite the same piece twice or more
  • Set a daily writing target in wordcount for yourself, alongside a deadline to meet it in
  • Once you have managed to hit the target within the stipulated deadline, try to increase the wordcount for the next day
  • Try to write about things that you are generally not confident about
  • Concentrate on being concise and comprehensive at the same time
  • Take small, planned breaks in between paragraphs or when you are stuck

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We can only write with greater efficiency when we have more knowledge, skill, and critical information to work with than we did before. Therefore, it is essential to read up on anything that is relevant to your current topic of writing and sometimes even outside that to expand your working intelligence. For example, if you are a student who needs to write a lot of essays, it is worth reading these essay writing tips on Papers Marketplace,because they are specific to the task at hand and will therefore grant you the additional knowledge you need to make your writing more focused and efficient than before.

Go Offline

It is particularly hard to focus on anything these days, because of all the distractions that we have, thanks to smartphones, social media apps, and the internet in general. In order to effectively focus on your writing, turn the data and the Wi-Fi on your smartphone off for a while and you might be surprised at how much more focused you will be as you write. You will get your writing done faster and each segment of the essay/article/post will actually feel better connected as you read through the entire piece. An internet connection might still be required for the research, but use your willpower and keep the internet use limited to research only until you are done.

Edit After You are Done

Do not waste time and halt the workflow by editing mistakes and rereading lines every few sentences. Once you are done with the whole essay or at least a big segment of it, proofread, rectify, and then read it out loud to yourself again. Sometimes, even when the grammar and the spellings are in place, a sentence or two may sound out of place and will require editing. On hearing what you have written, it will be easier to note if anything reads out of flow, which is much harder to do when your reading it in your mind. 

Try to Connect All the Segments

Disconnected and disjointed writing is one of the more common problems that we even see in the works of professional writers sometimes, which seldom works unless done deliberately, and it is a risky style of writing even then. It does not matter if you are writing an essay or a short story, there should be direction and purpose to each paragraph, unifying the whole piece and leading to a sense of completion by the end of it.

Depending on the project, the speed of your writing could also be a vital aspect and you will certainly need to work on that too, but writing is an art and if you want to be a wordsmith, concentrate on quality above all else.

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