Here Is What You Need To Do To Experience The Real Arabic Luxury

January 8, 2019

Arabia is an enchanted land — a musty desert full of brown sand, which mystifies everyone who ever sets foot on it. The land of stormy deserts has always been a land that welcomes tourists wholeheartedly and does everything it can to make them feel entirely comfortable as long as they are here. In the olden days, the locals of the land utilized everything they had on hand in order to make their guests feel not only comfortable, but also completely at home; this included food, good company, specialized drinks, and of course, dates and perfumes. Nowadays, the style of hospitality has undoubtedly changed, though the sentiment and extent definitely has not.

The Arabic region has long been famous for its food, culture, fragrances, and architecture. There is a sense of grandness and luxury that every tourist is besotted with as soon as they enter any Middle Eastern country; from the people to the food to everyday life, everything is associated with a sense of grandeur, which is one of the major charms for tourists to the Middle East. So, let us give you highlights of the pièce de résistance of Arabic luxury, which you must not miss on your tour:

  • Luxury Hotels:

The hospitality industry has stepped up their game exceptionally well when it comes to providing guests with a luxurious Arabic experience. There are a great many number of luxury hotels in all major cities of the region, including Dubai, Muscat, Doha, and Makkah. Without stepping out of the hotel, the guests can experience grand architecture, Arabic cuisine, spa treatments, and exceptional recreational facilities all under one roof. The first tip to a truly luxurious trip is, therefore, to take note of all the amenities your hotel offers and experience them all.

  • Retail Therapy

Almost all of the world’s top retail and luxury brands have a presence in the region, which is what has made it a central shopping hub. Since a very long time now, the quality and quantity of things on offer in the region’s shopping centres have attracted swelling crowds from all around the world, particularly around the holiday season. This has prompted the rise of shopping festivals in the region which are proving to be just as popular with the masses as well as the targeted audience of luxury brands. Indulging in luxury retail therapy at a fraction of the price? Does not sound like there is a better way to experience Arabic luxury than this!

  • Arabic Architecture

Staying true to its historic roots, Arabic architecture is almost completely influenced by the Islamic architectural art, which has been passed on down through the generations. There are a great number of architectural wonders, both traditional and modern, to be witnessed in the Middle East. These include the likes of the two grand mosques in Makkah and Madina, the Burj Khalifa and Burj-al-Arab in Dubai, The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque in Oman, among many others. Each of these places reflects the glory of Arabia and truly lets you experience Arabic luxury.

  • Culinary Comforts

Arabic food is some of the best comfort food in the world. Being a melting pot of cultures, one finds cuisines from every part of the world present here, and being away from home, we tend to look for familiar food first. This, in our opinion, is a total waste of the journey. When one travels, the local cuisine is the ultimate way to experience the place in its truest form. From contemporary fine dining to the everyday eats like shawarma (pita wrap with filling), luqaimat and Umm Ali (sweets), fresh dates and olives, and of course the qehwa(traditional hot drink) Arabic food is utterly delicious and you would be amiss to not experience this culinary delight on your trip here.

  • Fragrances:

Since times immemorial, in the Muslim world, a special concentrated form of non-alcoholic perfume has been used. Word is that this was developed first in the Arabic world which then spread to the rest of the globe. Even in modern times, the Arabic obsession for fragrances has not diminished, as evident by their love for oud and other more modern scents. The world’s top luxury perfumers are stationed here, because they know about the love between the Arab land and fragrances. Perfumes are the penultimate symbol of luxury in the world, and when you combine the two, Arabic perfumes become the penultimate form of experiencing Arabic luxury.

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