How To Fly Business Class For Cheap

January 23, 2017

When it comes to business class and the back of the plane there is a lot more separating it than just the physical bulkhead. There is the obvious stuff, like the pyjamas, amenity kits, fine wine, and linens, but how customers arrive at their condition is the real difference. Business class and first class passengers always leave the plane feeling relaxed and refreshed, with their hair and makeup in perfect condition. However economy class passengers look and feel like they are sleeping rough, which they probably have.

So, how do you reach business class without paying a business class price? Here is how to fly business class for cheap with help of

  1. Find Deals With Skyscanner

Services such as Skyscanner can find the cheapest flights for any class. No matter where you are headed you can find a cheap flight there. You have an even better chance of finding the best deal if you are willing to be flexible about when you leave.

  1. Find Business Class Seats At Economy Prices

Find airlines that are offering cheap business class seats. An example of this is ScootBiz by Scoot. ScootBiz provides no-frills business class more akin to what an airline might call premium economy. ScootBiz offers business class benefits such as 30KG baggage allowance, complimentary entertainment, a great meal and one free drink, and and incredible seats. Scoot is hardly the only airline offering such a service, thus look out for the airlines that do.

  1. Use Online Auctions To Bid For Upgrades

Many airlines are keen to fill up all of their business class seats and, in an effort to do so, will auction them off to economy class passengers who want to upgrade to business and first class for cheap. Many airlines also offer people the chance to pay for a fixed price upgrade when they check in. The airlines that offer these auctions will generally offer select customers the chance to bid on seats. Qantas, Virgin Atlantic, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways, and Cathay Pacific are all airlines that auction off better seats. Passengers enter the auction and bid how much they are willing to pay for an upgrade, giving them the chance to embrace the high life.

  1. Frequent Flyer Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs have not been the same since airlines began enticing their customers to build up as many frequent flyer miles as possible. The Velocity program from Virgin is one loyalty program that includes “family pooling”, which is a great way to build up your miles and earn a free upgrade to business class. Qantas and Virgin alike allow customers to earn points on things other than flights, and these points can then be spent on flights. Just beware that you will have to spend a lot of money before you have enough miles for a transcontinental flight.

Another great way to gain points is to use an airline credit card. These credit cards are a great choice for the business owner who relies on credit cards to make large business purchases. A lot of these credit cards will also come with a sign-up bonus that could be enough points for a domestic flight, so make sure you are getting the best deal when you pick up an airline credit card.

  1. Book Early To Find the Best Deal

You should subscribe to a bunch of airline newsletters to get the best deals on business class as they offer them to their most loyal customers first. A range of deals are sent out to subscribers through these mailing lists first including early bird specials and “companion flies free” deals, along with large package tours. You should also follow airlines on social media as they will often advertise short-sale deals through social media.

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