Dining Room Mistakes To Avoid

April 15, 2024

There are so many mistakes that you can make when it comes to finishing your home, but in your dining room, you want to avoid those mistakes where you can. The way that your dining room looks is going to make a big difference to the rest of your home. 

You want your rooms to be seamless – one into the other and it is important that you are using the right decoration techniques to make sure that your dining room looks fantastic whether you choose to have concrete dining sets or you choose something softer, you should think about these mistakes and how you can avoid them. The dining room should look great – here is what you should NOT do!

  • You kept the table and the chairs as the same material. You would not think so, but this is actually quite the mistake. In an ideal world, your table and chairs should be different materials and different colors, which means that you need to try and avoid buying a packaged dining room deal. A concrete table would suit very well with wooden chairs for example. You should never buy tables and chairs that match perfectly because it is just way too much of a perfect finish. Your dining room should be zany and zesty, and it should have life.
  • Your table matches your floor. If you choose a concrete table then you really do need to stay away from greystone tiles if you have carpet in your dining space, which we would not recommend. But if you do, make sure that the colour differs from the colour of the table. If you do not get this right, the table is going to blend into the floor and it is just not going to look great if your tabletop is the same colour as the floor, that is fine, but the leg should be different. You do not want to have that visual monotony. 
  • You have picked a rug, but the rug is too small. Carpets in dining rooms don’t always go together, but if you do want to have some kind of carpet, you should think about getting a rug. Once you do choose the rug, the rug should be bigger than the table legs underneath. You want to be able to pull the chair out, sit on it, and still have the back legs of the chair sitting on the rug rather than hanging over the edge.
  • The table is far too small for the dining room itself. If you have a large dining room, you need to make sure that you have a table that is proportionate to the size of the room. Having a table that is only fit for two people in the size of a large dining room is not going to look great, especially if you do not have any other furniture in there. You have to think about the scale of the furniture and make sure that the dining room fits both in a visual look and in terms of space. 
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