How To Ensure Your Luxury Watch Stands The Rigors Of Time

March 2, 2017

Judge me all you want, but I do believe in “’till death do us part”. Besides, it is not just a vow for marriage. It is for all close relationships, valuable objects, and our beloved luxury watch. Be it a plate full of nachos or my favorite black ballerinas, whisky on the rocks or a luxurious timeless piece that sits grandly on my arm — each object around me gets just as much attention.
It is a given that luxury watches are meant to last a lifetime. In fact, they are more likely to surpass your life and go on to become a prized legacy. Imagine leaving your finely crafted Rolex or Breguet for generations to come! But for that you need to ensure that your piece withstands the rigour of time. Wanting to buy one? Check out the best of Tissot, Hublot, Tag Heuer, and Rolex watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques and be assured to get unmatched quality and servicing plus assistance.

Read on to find some hacks you and your grand-grand children can go through to upkeep its glitz and glam for life and beyond!


Out of sheer excitement you opened the box in wildest demeanour, threw the manual in air, because who needs it and there it was lying majestically. For the first time you experienced “love at first sight” — to the extent that you ditched the poor box it came in. Sounds familiar, eh?
Welcome to the world of mistakes and this was mistake no 43098 of your life! Luxury watches do not come in those majestic, eye appealing boxes for the heck of it. That satin lining, hard cover boxes, and compartments are meant to preserve your Rolex as a legacy for life. Do keep the store T&C’s in mind that reads “store at room temperature, keep the dial up, and keep in a dry space without exposure to direct sunlight or chemicals”. However mainly, keep the box away from trash can and let it find its permanent abode in your wardrobe.


In the course of opening your Rolex box, you tossed certain pages away thinking that they are nothing but waste. Trust me they are not! If your watch is fire, the manual is water! At time of emergencies the only thing you can look back at immediately is the manual since it contains important instructions for general care with specifics to be kept in mind. Cull out as much information as you can and treat it with love and care.


Yes, yes we know there is a hidden Rancho in you who loves to apply his engineering everywhere! But if you do not have expertise of understanding the functioning of a luxury watch, we suggest you to leave the job to the pros and fall back on the chair and sip some soda.


Just the way your better half flips out when you cancel a date, Rolex too will start giving up on you. The only difference, this one will pinch you way more. Just like you ensure regular medical check-ups to check on health, Rolex too needs healing hands of certified experts who can help maintain its poise and finesse. Be dutiful to upkeep your watch beautiful.


So, just because your Rolex is a non-living thing, means you will never put it to rest and let it enjoy some cleaning time? You can clean the watch on your own and it is darn simple. How? Just read through the steps below:
➢ Before handling the watch and wash your hands with water or mild soap.
➢ Use a soft cloth (preferably the one that came in box). Wet it lightly. You can use mild ammonia-free soap. You can also clean it dry without water or soap.
➢ Rub cloth in circles gently across the metallic and glass portion. Do not use soap/water over leather.
➢ Use a brush to swipe off dust particles.
➢ Keep it away from chemicals, adhesives, solvents, detergents, and perfumery etc.
Your Rolex is not just to be wrapped on the wrist — it is a legacy in itself. Take good care of it, be committed, and stay happily ever after!

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