Top Tips For Female Travelers

March 17, 2017

If you are a travel addict, it is likely that you read pretty widely around the topic. Maybe you discuss it in person with friends and family? Perhaps you follow a few blogs or YouTube channels? You may also already be aware of the information you can get from tourist boards and other websites. So, could there really be any travel tips that you have not heard of? Check out some of these below that are considered some of the top travel tips for female travelers:


Travel is mostly about excitement and exhilaration. However, a lot of having a great time means taking care of the boring stuff too or “worst case scenarios”. Most of us will be happy and healthy for the duration of our trip, but occasionally things can go wrong and we can become sick. At this point, there is nothing worse than trying to research information and locations. By definition, you are not well enough! Take some of the pressure off and sensibly prepare for the worst well ahead of time. Noting down some addresses of local doctors and dentists who speak your native language is always wise. Even in the event that you have internet connection, negotiating foreign languages can be difficult. Start before you go. Use websites, travel forums, blogs, and more to get a good idea of what is on offer. Even if you are staying local in the United States, be sure to make use of sites like 24hourly for all day and night dental care. That way you will see what is available in the area. The chances are that you will be completely well for the duration of your trip, although you will have taken a lot of the stress out of finding a health professional beforehand.


Many people actually admit to living out of their suitcases while they are away. It may sound cramped and inconvenient, and it is, if it is not intentional. But with a bit of strategic packing and logic, it can be a wise move. Many of the items that go missing on our holiday do so in an unfamiliar hotel room or cabin. They can be lost while unpacking or forgotten when repacking. This can be especially true when we are traveling with children. Living out of your suitcase has the advantage of everything being just where you left it. It also saves time on the day you leave, so that you can get an all-important few extra minutes of sleep! If you are planning to try this tip, think carefully. Pack your bag in reverse order, meaning that the clothes you are likely to need last will go in first. The outfit that you want to wear first will be on top. Make use of every nook and cranny and do not feel too guilty about removing the largest items from the suitcase. Shoes and coats, for example, can still be stored nearby. However, the suitcase and outfits themselves can be your own ready-made drawers with the advantage of not having to repack.


Does your credit card offer you travel rewards? There are many available that will help you gain points with airlines or hotels. Some of them are affiliated with these companies, while others are independent. For example, you can get a credit card from British Airways for points with their Executive Club. Or you could earn hotel points with the Marriott Rewards Premier Club. These cards are excellent for earning points as you spend. Plus, being a member of the rewards groups is a good idea too. If you travel a lot, maybe be business, points can add up quickly. Thus, spend a good deal of time looking for the best travel credit cards before you embark! Here is one article that I found especially helpful in choosing the best travel card for me.


Our travel time might be when we want to unwind and revitalize ourselves. So early mornings might not have much appeal. Except waking up early not only ensures that you do not miss out on the day and it also readjusts your body clock so you are less likely to feel sluggish and jetlagged. Many places are their most beautiful at dawn and you can also travel comfortably and safely through areas that would be a no-go at night. Rise with the sun and see everything more clearly!

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