Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Look For The New Season

March 23, 2017

Feeling good in your clothes can make a difference in the way you carry yourself, your attitude to life, and your overall confidence. With that said, it can be difficult to keep your finger on the fashion pulse with replacing your wardrobe every season! However, there are a few things you can do to update your look without reinventing yourself every few months:

Splurge On Accessories

Rather than spend all your hard earned cash on a complete new wardrobe, simply update your accessories every season. A beautiful belt, some exquisite hats, an on-trend bag, or pair of shoes; the more creative the better! Accessories are the glue that tie an outfit together. Get them right and you will look like the ultimate fashionista, get them wrong and you will look like you got dressed in the dark. Keep an eye on the latest designs and match them to clothes you already have. Choose colors that complement one another and most importantly make sure you are happy with the choices. Confidence is the key to carrying off any look!

Experiment With Jewelry 

A statement necklace, a bold ring, a delicate bracelet, or a well-place choker can bring an outfit to life. Rather than spends hundreds on an expensive new dress, update an old one with a beautiful piece of jewelry or if the mood takes you an entire set.

Mix Up Your Makeup

As fashion changes, so do beauty looks. A bold new eye shadow, some bright lipstick, or switching up your eyeliner can make a real difference to your look. You can make subtle changes like a softer eye shadow or dramatic changes with intense lashes and smokey eyes. If you are unsure, visit a make-up counter and ask them to help you with a new look. Many make-up concessions will give you a free make-over, and as they are trained make up artists they can help you find a palette that suits your eyes and skin tone.

Change Your Perfume

A beautiful new fragrance is another way you can update your look effortlessly. There is a fragrance to suit every outfit, but obviously this could get expensive and leave you struggling for space on your dressing table. If you don’t want to spend hundreds every month on a new designer fragrance there is a NYC company called Scent Bird that will let you get a new perfume every month for a small subscription fee. A recent Scent Bird review highly recommends this service. It is a good idea if this is something you like to splash out on or if you want to try out a few fragrances before you find your signature fragrance.

Have A Few Staple Timeless Pieces 

If you always want to make sure you have something on-trend to wear, keep a few staple pieces in your wardrobe. Classics like the little black dress can be accessorised to suit any occasion. Also have a trouser suit, a pencil skirt, black pumps, a sharp blazer, and a plain white tee. Neutral items are a great idea, because they are timeless and can easily be spruced up with some well-placed accessories and a little creativity.

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