Action Steps To Take To Deal With Water Damage At Home

March 27, 2017

Water damage in your home could be caused by a variety of reasons, for example a burst pipe, a flooded basement, spring rains, or even a faucet that has overflowed after being accidentally left on. Although you can take all the necessary steps to prevent water damage in your home, you never know if disaster is going to strike. So, it is good to be prepared by knowing exactly what steps of action to take if you discover water damage in your home.

Safety First

If you come home to find an overflowing faucet or a burst pipe or find water damage in any part of your home, it is important to prioritize the safety of yourself and your family. Before you go into any area of your home that has been affected by water, it is vital that you turn off the electricity in that area of your home. To be extra safe, you might want to completely turn the electricity supply off at the mains switch. If you believe that the electrical system of your home has been affected by the water damage, you should call a trained electrician immediately.

Stop The Flow Of Water

In many cases, where there is water damage to your home, you can do something yourself to stop or at least slow down the flow of water until your plumber arrives. For example, if you return home to find a burst pipe, you can slow the water down by turning the water supply to your home off at the mains switch. If your water supply is shared with other homes on a terrace, for example, you may need to inform your neighbors, as doing so could switch off their supply, too. If you cannot find the source of the water, or are unable to stop the flow, you should call an emergency plumber out to your home.

Removing The Water

In most cases, professional water damage restorers will be able to remove all the water from your home using special tools. However, if possible, you should remove as much water as you can yourself before they arrive, as this will help to minimize the amount of long-term damage done to your home. You can use tools such as a wet vacuum or a mop to clear as much water as possible. If you can, prepare it for restoration work by moving as many light and small items as possible. Be prepared for any water emergencies in your home while wearing the best boots for work!

Restoring The Damage

In the event of water damage to your home, your priority should be ensuring that the plumbing and electrical wiring is repaired and confirmed to be safe. Once this is done, it’s time to begin restoring the water damage to your home. In most cases, this type of damage will be covered by your home insurance company, who you should call immediately. It is a good idea to have photographic evidence of the damage to send to them to get your claim through as quickly as possible. Your insurance company can arrange for a professional team to carry out repair work on your home.

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