Top Five Countries In Asia For A Family Vacation

April 4, 2017

Asia is a fantastic option for family vacations! Whether you like adventure, backpacking,  or staying in luxury resorts, you will find it all in Asia. With very friendly people, fun foods, and lots to see, you may want to consider one of these five Asian countries for your next family vacation:


Thailand, which is officially called the Kingdom of Thailand, is located in Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by Laos, Cambodia, the Gulf of Thailand, and Malaysia.

Adventure here has a special touch. The beaches and islands in the south offer the possibility of exploring the ocean by kayak, repelling in caves, or hiking impressive rock formations that tower over the ocean. In the interior of the country, you can go on excursions through the jungle. In the north, the mountains and forest also provide a lot to do and see.

If you are more into luxury, there are places to stay like the Villa Sanyanga in Phuket Thailand. Visit our site for more information on accommodations and activities that you can enjoy in the beautiful country of Thailand.


One of the most interesting places in all of Indonesia is the Island of Bali. It sits to the west, close to Java.

Bali has active volcanoes and you can go rafting on rapids in rivers such as Unda and Ayung. You can try an ocean excursion, go snorkeling, or even go surfing. The waves are huge!

The food in Bali is a hit and perhaps some of the best food in the world. Pisang goereng or fried plantain, fish, and satay. Satay is skewered, barbequed meat that is normally served up with a spicy sauce. From chicken to pork, and sometimes even turtle meat, it can be an interesting eat, but luckily with something for everyone.


Vietnam sits in Southeast Asian and is famous for its jungles. They are incredibly full of life. As you walk through them, you will discover an abundance of flowers and plants that you never even imagined. There is no other place in the world where you will find so many animals, than in the oldest Vietnamese national park Cuc Phuong. The biodiversity is incredible and there lives over 300 types of rare tropical birds.


The Kingdom of Cambodia is also in Southeast Asia and offers great tours of ancient ruins. You can take a bike tour if you like. Off the beaten path, there are the Cardamom Mountains, tropical islands, and even crater lakes in the north east. If you prefer to stay in the city, you can try renting a motodop or Cambodian taxi in Siem Reap.


Bhutan is little known, but extremely beautiful. It is remote and pristine and is close to the Himalaya Mountains. Try kayaking, rafting, or biking to see the awesome natural scenes that can be found only in Bhutan. Colorful designs, picturesque sunsets, staggeringly high mountains, and a hospitable population make it a fantastic family vacation.

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    Vietnam is not only well – known for the lush green forest but also fit for other travel styles like honeymoon or off the beaten track. Let’s go to Vietnam and explore it.

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