Grieve Your Departed Pet With Original Art

April 4, 2017

Losing a pet can be very difficult for the owner to handle. As a pet owner and pet lover, you devoted your life to your furry little friend and did everything in your power to make sure that he or she lived a long, happy, healthy life. However, the inevitable happened. Your dearly departed pet is no longer with you and you are feeling saddened, depressed, and heartbroken over the loss. Even though your beautiful pet is gone, he or she is never forgotten. One simple way to immortalize the life of your favorite pet is to have an original piece of art commissioned to commemorate his or her life.

Yes, it is more than possible to have art commissioned even after your furry little friend is gone from this world. In fact, many people take advantage of this opportunity to keep their beautiful pet in their hearts and on their minds for many years to come.

Are you wondering about the best type of original art to immortalize your pet? Below you will be provided with a couple of our favorite options:

Pet Portraits

If you really miss your favorite pet and you would love to see his or her likeness hanging on your wall every day, you can commission an original pet portrait. Artists love to paint animals. And they really love to do so after they are gone. Not in a morbid sense, but because they love the feeling that they get when pet owners see their work of art for the very first time. Since the pet owners love their favorite animal so much, they often break down in tears and cry at the amazing likeness. Although this is a sad event in some cases, it also makes the pet owners very happy at the same time. They are happy to see their favorite pet come to life on the canvas.

Some people prefer to go with an abstract painting instead of an original portrait. In situations like this, you will have to tell the artist about your pet’s personality and then he or she will use this information to create an abstract painting. According to Instapainting, expert portrait with dog creators, “We blend technology and algorithms into our workflow to allow us to provide the highest quality and customer service at the lowest overhead.”

So, if you want a beautiful pet painting made from technology based off of an original pet photo, it can certainly be done for you instead of paying a small fortune to hire an actual artist.

Keeping Your Favorite Pet Close to Your Heart

Have you heard about memorial jewelry? Many families appreciate this jewelry and it has been a longtime favorite for many years. It is great, because it lets you keep your lost loved one close to your heart. How does memorial jewelry work? Well, the jeweler that you hire will take the ashes of your dearly departed pet and turn them into jewelry and diamonds. During the process, carbon is captured from the cremated remains. It can then be turned into pure graphite and this graphite is capable of being turned into a diamond. Unlike instant pet paintings, this is an incredibly expensive process and you are going to have to pay quite a bit for this original piece of jewelry. On average, it costs around $2,500 for each original piece of diamond jewelry. But, it is a price that many are willing to pay in order to keep their beloved pet with them at all times even after they are gone. For something so important, you might even sell a note to get the funds.


It is completely natural to grieve a departed pet. Instead of immediately attempting to move on with your life, have an original piece of art commissioned to keep your little friend’s memory alive forever!

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