Just Me, Myself, And I In Hamburg, Germany

June 26, 2017

Traveling alone can be a very fulfilling adventure. You do not have to take into consideration the wishes of other people when it comes to exploring the destination. You can stay out as long as you wish to, see the things that are important to you, and focus all your energy on your personal wellbeing. A great place to do so is the beautiful city of Hamburg in the North of Germany! Although it is the second largest city of the country, it has the flair and the charm of a large village. Here are some travel tips for singles in Hamburg:

The Perfect Place To Stay In Hamburg

If you are traveling alone, this is the key to a great holiday. Your “home base” should be your oasis of tranquillity, your personal info center and a place where getting in touch with other travelers is easy, as you all share a common ground. One of the most charming and relaxed hotels in Hamburg is the 25hours hotel in the Hafen City. This modern and cool design hotel is super comfortable, perfectly situated, and has a very welcoming flair thanks to the personal and friend like approach of the staff. Another amazing hotel where you will find everything you could wish for (including one of the most luxurious spa areas in town) is called “The George”. This 4* boutique hotel is located close to the river Alster, has a stylish cocktail bar, a superb restaurant, and a Campari lounge — all quite important features to get the most out of your me-time in Hamburg.

Discovering Hamburg By Yourself

If you are the kind of person who loves to pack your stay with a gigantic “to-see-list”, you are in the right place! Being one of the country’s most significant hub for commerce (due to the geographical location between the rivers Alster and Elbe), as well as for science and education, Hamburg is packed to the brim with cultural points of interest. Countless museums, art venues, theaters, and galleries can be visited; the rich and diverse architecture will leave you in awe! The different boroughs, for instance the famous “Speicherstadt” or the entertainment and red-light district “Reeperbahn“, will enchant you with different flairs, cultural richness, and excitement.

If you are more a “follow the flow” kind of traveler, Hamburg is just as satisfying. Beautiful parks, the river banks, and one of Germany’s most famous zoo’s the “Hagenbecks”, will let you get in touch with Mother Nature in the heart of a pulsating city.

Getting in touch with the locals might seem a bit tricky at first. Even amongst the German population, people from Northern Germany have the reputation of being slightly grumpy with a very dry humour. But once you dive into the fantastic nightlife, you will be amazed just how easy it is for single travelers to meet people! So, let us see how you could plan your night about town, if you are traveling alone in Hamburg.

Hamburg’s Nightlife: Get Ready To Have An Amazing Time

First off: If you are not comfortable diving into the bustling nightlife by yourself, you could visit one of many contact-forums on the internet. Meetup.com or expats.com are just two of many choices you will find. Another option would be booking an exclusive escort service in Hamburg. These ladies know their town like the back of their hands and are more than happy to show you around. But then again, hooking up with people before going out in Hamburg is not really necessary! You will be astonished by just how easy it is to get in contact with locals and/or other travelers while roaming through the very cool bars and clubs Hamburg holds in store. Before you go out and get wild, checking out some of the millions of bars, lounges, and clubs in Hamburg on the WWW is not the worst idea. Helpful websites to do exactly that are for instance spottedbylocals.com” or theculturetrip.com.

A recommendation? How about starting your tour through the local nightlife with a small snack and a drink in one of the most picturesque outdoor bars Hamburg offers. This beautiful spot by the river is ideal to sit in the grass, hang your feet in the water, and enjoy the sunset over the city. Next stop: the “3-Zimmer-Wohnung” (3-room-appartment). This cosy and very hip bar is actually a former 3-room apartment with a kitchen, a living room, and a bed room and thus offers the atmosphere of a private party. A great place to meet people. To top off the night with some dancing, the vinyl-only club “Le Fonque” is a cool place to be!

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