Creative Ways To Spend Time On Your Solo Trip

April 16, 2021

Does the idea of being alone cause you to put off the idea of taking a solo trip? From the outside looking in, traveling alone seems boring. You will have no one to talk to or share experiences with as you explore new destinations. You may even suffer from social anxiety or consider yourself an introvert causing you to feel like you need someone by your side. While it is normal to feel apprehensive about your first solo trip, the right itinerary can ease your anxieties. 

One of the best things about traveling alone is the entire trip is all about you. You have an opportunity to travel where you want and participate in activities you always dreamed of without any objections from others. As long as you have the money to afford it, the skies are the limits when it comes to selecting activities to do on your trip. Not sure what to do? Here are some creative ideas to add to your itinerary. 

Visit A Museum Or Gallery

If you are a lover of history, science, or art, visiting a museum or gallery is a great way to spend time alone. You do n to have to worry about your travel companions getting bored or small children, causing chaos out of curiosity and boredom. You can stare at an exhibit as long as you would like, ask questions, and even meet like-minded people on guided tours. 

Go On Tours

Museums and galleries are not the only places that offer tours. If you wish to taste some of the area’s finest dishes, indulge in the best wine, visit historical landmarks, or explore nature and sea life through guided hikes and boat charters, there is no shortage of activities you can try. The best part is that you will meet many interesting people who can share the experience with you. 


If you enjoy shopping for antiques or collecting memorabilia, add it to your list of activities for your solo trip. You will be surprised at how many precious things you’ll find on your journey. You can link up with sellers, browse their inventory, check the local listings for estate sales, look up upcoming antiquing shows, or visit quaint antique shops you find in town. If you are a fan of Purple Rain, imagine telling the story of how your trip to New Orleans resulted in you finding cool Prince memorabilia to add to your collection or antique paintings to hang on your walls. 

Attend A Show Or Live Event

If you are looking for something a bit more entertaining than going to the movies on your solo trip, consider shows and live events. You can grab tickets to your favorite music artist’s concert, check the schedule for upcoming comedy shows, or attend a play or musical at a famous theater. Sports fans can head to the nearest arena to buy tickets to the next sporting event. With everyone dancing to the music, laughing at the jokes, admiring live performances, and cheering on the home team, chances are you will not feel alone at all. 


Your solo trip does not have to be filled with activities to be fun. After all, part of what makes vacations so beneficial is taking a break from your everyday stresses. Therefore, make time just to kick back and relax. You can soak in the tub, lounge around by the pool, take a dip in the jacuzzi or pool, read a book, and even schedule spa services. Anything that enhances your sense of peace and restores your health and wellness are ideal activities. During your downtime, ensure that you block out distractions by unplugging from devices and simply living in the moment.

Taking a trip with your friends, family, and significant others is a lot of fun, but there is something about solo travel that takes the cake. You are afforded the time and means to focus on what matters to you. While the prospect of being alone may seem scary, filling your days with fun activities can ease your anxieties allowing you to enjoy a much-needed getaway.

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