Must-Have Items For Solo Travels

June 22, 2018

Solo travel can be quite challenging, especially when you are not so used to your own company. The constant buzzing of everyone communicating online, but not really saying anything is a more or less a distraction that people need to get away from once in a while. Traveling alone can make you face yourself and your fears as well as give you time for reflection.

Going solo is an experience that everyone should take at least once. There have been many studies indicating that buying experiences rather than material possessions makes people happier.

Going to places alone will give you new inspiration and perspective and you willl come back grateful, productive, and cured of burnout. Exploration allows you to experience other cultures and will teach you new values and give you new ideas and solutions for problems that have been plaguing you.

Before anything else, it is important to plan accordingly, to list things, and to accomplish your pretravel tasks such as shopping for travel essentials. Keep in mind that, when you travel on your own, you have to fend for yourself, so always travel light. Packing smart can get you a long way and will prepare you for any scenario that will set you back once you are on the road. Assuming you already packed your necessities for travel, like paperwork, cash, travel insurance, hotel confirmations, passports, and visa, get going on the road faster with must-have items for solo travel.

Sturdy Carry-On

It is best to travel light, so you do not have to check in your bags when you travel. There may be instances when your bags can be misplaced by the airline or get lost, then you will have lost everything except for the clothes on your back. A sturdy carry-on like a small leather duffle bag or a lightweight stroller is enough to pack your clothes, toiletries, and photographing equipment you may be bringing.

Protective Casing For Gadgets

If you are taking your iPhone, make sure it is encased in a durable phone cover to avoid cracks or any form of damage. Although your aim is to have fun while you are traveling, you still have to be mindful of things like weather condition and terrain. Both the warm areas and the cold ones can take a toll on your gadgets, affecting their efficiency and performance.

Warm And Waterproof Jacket

Depending on where you are heading, you will need at least one jacket to carry with you anywhere. It is important for it to be waterproof, because if you are in the tropics, it will provide protection from the rain, and if you are in colder countries, it will help keep you warm. It should also be strong enough to withstand some wear and tear and have zipper pockets for storage and to get you quick access to anything you need.

All-Around Footwear

If you intend to cover a lot of ground by walking or hiking, it is smart to invest in all-around shoes because packing light calls for a pair or two of practical all-around shoes. They should be ones that you know are comfortable enough to walk around in and acceptable enough for restaurants and other similar establishments. As a bonus tip, pack the lightest footwear, and wear the heavier one when going to the destination to avoid heavy luggage.

 Dry Sack 

Instead of bringing plastic bags, opt for reusable ones like dry sacks. They are multipurpose and can be used to store wet clothes for when you go swimming and can keep important gadgets and things dry. You can use those to store all electronics and chargers to be more organized.

Strong Padlocks

Whether you are staying at a hotel or in a nice hostel, it is important to have strong padlocks. You can use it to safeguard your belongings in your backpack or use it to secure a locker. You can opt for a manual padlock that uses keys or an encrypted padlock that unlocks with the correct combination. Whatever it is, make sure to bring a backup just in case the first one gets lost or gets broken.

Custom First-Aid Kit

While worst-case scenarios are a risk that comes with traveling, there are competent hospitals and doctors that can take care of your emergency needs. In less-serious circumstances, however, it may be necessary to go to the nearest pharmacy to get supplies for a minor cut, a cough, or a cold.

Solo travelers should bring a custom first-aid kit filled with different kinds of OTC medication that they know is safe for them. There may be ingredients in foreign medicines that may trigger adverse body reactions in travelers, so it is best to err on the side of caution.

Refillable Canteen and Extra Snacks 

It can be easy to lose your sense of time when you are on an adventure. It is always good to be prepared by bringing a refillable water canteen to hydrate you and some snack bars that will fill your hunger at least until you get your next meal. Take care to avoid snacks that are unhealthy, have chocolate, or melt. 


Solo travel is both exciting and terrifying, so when you do decide to do it one day, go at it while being safe and prepared. Take time to disconnect, enjoy yourself, and be more spontaneous. Cherish the privilege of being able to travel alone. Safe and happy travels!

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