How to Sustainably Spend Your Holidays in Malta

June 22, 2018

Climate change is one of the major issues of our time. There is a much greater general awareness of the underlying causes of climate change, and the ways in which it is already starting to manifest itself. Living a more eco-friendly lifestyle is something that we should all be aspiring to. The first step to achieving this is to break some common bad habits at home, but in order to really make a difference, your commitment needs to extend to all areas of your life.

The island of Malta has long been a popular holiday destination. It may be a small place, but there is a huge amount to see and do. The island is still home to a number of idyllic, traditional villages where there are ample opportunities for holidaymakers to get in touch with nature and enjoy a sustainable, ecologically friendly break. Here are some tips and suggestions for anyone heading to Malta who wants to make their holiday as environmentally friendly as possible.


Agritourism has absolutely exploded in popularity over the last few years. It is a wonderful way of getting in touch with nature while also contributing something to the local community where you are staying. On an agritourist holiday, you will take part in the day to day tasks required on private agricultural lands. In the process, you will learn new skills and get a chance to experience a more authentic view of life on the island of Malta than most other types of holiday to allow for.

Agritourist holidays are a unique experience, one that is suitable for the entire family and which will place you in Malta’s rural heartlands. Most of the agritourist holidays on Malta are centered around the island of Gozo. Days are spent basking in the beautiful country setting while taking part in the production of organically-grown foods. If you’re more of an animal lover then there are also farms which will allow you to get up close with many of the free-range animals used in the production of a number of food products. Should you opt for one of these farms then you will be able to spend your nights in an authentic Maltese farmhouse and experience the feeling of waking up each day in a traditional stone house. This can be an entirely unique experience compared to looking for villas for rent.

Another advantage of an agritourism holiday is that you can earn money, or obtain accommodation and food at a much-reduced rate. Different destinations will have different offers, but they will compensate you in some way for the work that you perform.

Exploring the Islands

If an agritourist holiday isn’t your thing then you can still find ways to make a more typical holiday more ecologically friendly. Malta and the surrounding islands are small enough to be explored on foot. If you are staying in the capital of Valletta then most of the popular destinations will be nearby enough to walk. However, if you want to make a longer journey then why not take advantage of the many beautiful scenes that Malta has to offer? By choosing to hire either a bike or a horse, and using these as your primary mode of transport, you will have a much better shot at seeing more of the island.

Take an Eco-Friendly Tour

Hiring your own transport and exploring Malta is a joy. The island is light on traffic, especially outside of Valletta, has many footpaths and trails suitable for bikes and horses, and the landscape is unspoiled by mass industrialization. However, especially for first-time visitors, knowing where to go can prove a challenge. If you have the time to spare then exploring Malta in your own way is certainly rewarding, but for those who only have a short amount of time to spend on their holiday, a guided tour can be more focused. There are now a number of tour operators on the island who will take you around the island on horseback. This is probably the most environmentally way of traveling and also allows you to travel at a leisurely pace so you can take in all the surrounding views.

When it comes to taking a holiday, eco-friendly options might seem limited. After all, you only have so much control when traveling to a new country and looking for places to say. However, with just a little effort, it is possible to make your next holiday a green adventure. Malta is the perfect destination for a more sustainable holiday.

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