Ten Spring Expert Cleaning Tips For Your Car

September 11, 2017

Officially saying goodbye to the winter, we will now prepare to clean the car and to welcome a bustling spring. Dirt, ice, sand, and rocks of winter make your car dirty and old. Nook and cranny mats should be bathed to catch the spring. Here are ten tips to help you clean your car easily after a long winter:

1. Pay Attention To The Bottom Of The Rug

Most people are always prepared on hosing off the rubber to clean the carpets in the car. However, you are giving very little attention to cleaning and vacuuming under the carpet.

Try lifting the rug and looking below, you will be surprised and embarrassed to see a lot of dust, salt, and small glass pieces. If you do not clean up in time, your car will be corroded and damaged. Therefore, choosing the best car vacuum cleaner is very necessary for cleaning above and below the carpet fabric.

2. Pay Attention To Headlights And Taillights

Headlamps and taillights are devices that are prone to dust and mist, because they are exposed to the outside during winter. However, most drivers ignore them. It is really dangerous for you and/or a nearby pedestrian when the vision is not bright enough.

You only need a few minutes to clean them with a small towel and clean the outside carefully. You just have to make this simple thing to have a perfect car in the spring.

3. Change The Tires After Winter

You are smart and wise to replace tires after a long winter. According to a survey, most drivers are not interested in changing tires; they continue to use winter tires for years.

This might seem unnecessary, but it is very dangerous when you continue to use the winter tires. Winter tires are not suitable for dry, snow-free roads like winter. Therefore, the driver loses control when the car tires do not fit the road surface.

You should not hesitate to remove these tires yourself or take them to a garage to replace them for all-seasons tires. You can preserve winter tires and reuse them when needed. For more information, you can check Carcareninja.

4. Clean The Trunk

Surely, in winter your trunk will be filled with tools, such as ice scrapers, snow brushes, old blankets, and so on.

The first thing to do is get rid of all these old items and exchange them for picnic things and umbrellas. Note that you should create a small space for the trunk.

The next step is to use a vacuum cleaner to clear salt and ice in the trunk. It was great when the trunk space was dry and spacious.

5. Do Not Forget To Check Under The Car Seat

As you know, dirt, salt, and winter snow and ice will most likely appear under the seat if you do not check and clean.

You will be surprised to see old paper cups, baby gloves, scrap paper at the bottom of the chair. The most effective way to clean up is to fold the chair and push it forward. As a result, all the garbage that lurks will be found easily.

6. Wax The Entire Outside Of The Car

If you want to have a new and shiny car, you should take all the salt that is clinging to the outside and wash it thoroughly off with water. In a one year span you should wax the car one to two times.

This is useful after doing. You can do it yourself or take it to a large garage. In the garage, you should choose a wax spray or coating. As a result, your car will make lots of soap bubbles and wash easily. Also consider rubbing compound for car scratches.

7. Pay Attention To The Chairs And Fabrics

To make cars more luxurious and noble, the driver always wears a soft and colorful coat. That is why dirt and salt can cling to these layers of fabric.

You just wash the chairs with hot water and damp cloth. Stubborn stains on the fabric will soon be removed. It is good if you limit the use of chemical detergent, because it makes the fabric fast to fade and easy to decay. You can use a little soap and wash stubborn stains.

8. Windex Is A Good Friend

Use small pieces of paper towel to wipe the front and rear mirror mirrors. You will find a lot of dust clinging to make you look in the mirror without seeing anything. It is very safe after you clean it.

9. Do Not Skip The Car

Checking the chassis is a bit time consuming, but it makes sure your car can be used for a long time. There are leaves, branches, salt, and glass pieces hidden inside. Open it up and get rid of all the debris. As a result, you will save big money instead of going to a car repair shop.

10. Clean Underneath The Whole Car

Do not skip this step! After winter, you should clean underneath the car, because it is hard to spot. It can make your car quickly rust and damage. Washing the car will keep your car for a long time to come.

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