Gift Ideas For The 30th Anniversary

September 15, 2017

The 30th Anniversary of a marriage is very special. Not many have celebrated this milestone, so it means you both have loved each other for such a long time through all the trials and tribulations, through the joy and happiness, seen your kids grow, and treasured many memories. For such a fabulous occasion, the gift needs to be very special!

Traditionally, pearls are given as 30th Anniversary gifts, though some people have started giving diamonds as gifts nowadays. But for most people, the pearl still reigns supreme, as the ideal 30th Anniversary gift — it is tradition in the U.S., after all.

The Pearl Source

If you are the traditional type — or diamonds just are not your thing — and want a gift that speaks volumes, look no further than the pearl. Pearls, unlike a diamond, are created by a living entity, the oyster. Whether natural or cultured, there are many different types of pearls, and each varies in value. And with a variety shapes, sizes and colors, everything from greens and blues to blacks, golds, and pinks; there is no shortage of options for the perfect anniversary gift.

You can also mix and match pearls with other gemstones. A diamond ring or diamond pendant looks great surrounded by choice pearls. Do not be afraid to mix it up. A traditional anniversary gift can still be customized to be unique and special. Try one of the following ideas from the pearl experts at The Pearl Source:

Loose Pearls

Buying loose pearls allows you to be as creative as you want to be with your gift to your significant other. String them on leather or twine for something more subtle and casual. Or, if you prefer, work them into unique projects, like hand-made picture frames.

Go Multicolor

Cannot decide between traditional white and a beautiful shade of pink? Not a problem. These days, you can customize just about any pearl piece, from necklaces to bracelets to earrings. Pinks work well with whites and gold, while blues and greens pair well with black Tahitian South Sea gemstones.

Work In Diamonds

For a dressier look, you can add other gemstones to pearl bracelets, earrings, and necklaces to make them pop. This diamond and pearl pendant is done remarkably well, with a beautiful, geometric crown of diamond sitting atop an elegant black pearl. Can you say statement piece?

These are just a few ideas that would make your pearl anniversary more memorable, but the options are as endless as your creativity. If all else fails, go out for oysters, you never know what you might find inside one of the shells!

Whatever anniversary you are shopping for, pearls make a great gift. Just be sure to do your research and educate yourself on the nuances and complexities of pearls before making your purchase.

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