The Ultimate Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

September 10, 2021

We are all familiar with the gift giving tradition that takes place on special occasions, such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. For anniversaries, there are standard traditional gifts that are designated for each year, in addition to letting your significant other know how much you love them in an anniversary card. However, some couples do enjoy coming up with their own gift ideas. Over time, the act of gift giving has evolved to keep up with modern likes and dislikes.

Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift can be quite the challenge, especially if the person you are getting the gift for is someone very close to you, like your significant other or your parents. This is a guide I have put together to help you come up with wedding anniversary gift ideas, whether it is for your spouse, your parents, or some close friends.

Think About Themed Anniversary Gifts

A lot of great gift ideas can be taken and expanded upon from typical traditional gifts. For example, roses are often associated with anniversary gifts (as well as the colors red, pink, and white), so you can easily run with those themes and create a personalized rose-themed picture frame or even some customized mugs.

The actual anniversary date is a great theme to go off of. Here are some possible gift ideas that include anniversary dates:

Consider How Long The Couple Has Been Together

The length of time that a couple has been together can help narrow down your gift options. For example, you might want to exclude frivolous ideas that are more appropriate for newlyweds if you are gifting for a couple who is celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. A newlywed couple is still gathering a lot of the essentials needed for marital life, while later in their marriage they will probably better appreciate a more well-thought out gift.

Here are a few gift ideas for a couple that has been together for a longer period of time:

  • A “Where We Have Been” World Map

For the well-traveled couple who has enjoyed making memories across the world, this can be a very sweet and thoughtful gift. This can also be a very sweet anniversary gift to a young couple, and they can treat it as a blank canvas to map out their future adventures together.

  • Matching Pajama Set

You never get too old to be wearing matching pajamas with your significant other — this very cute idea is a great go-to option. Take it a step further by getting the set monogrammed!

  • Couple Handkerchiefs with Custom Embroidery

Handkerchiefs are not as common as they were before, but they remain to be convenient hygiene accessories to carry around with you. For your wedding anniversary, get a set of couple handkerchiefs embroidered with you and your spouse’s initials, along with your wedding date. Or you could choose a flower or symbol that holds deep meaning to the both of you. It’s a subtle yet meaningful way to remember your special day. 

  • Monogrammed T-shirts

Versatile, practical, and comfortable, basic T-shirts are great gifts for couples who want a simple anniversary celebration. You can get the T-shirts embroidered or printed with a clean, simple design such as your loved one’s initials, or leave it untouched. For the most comfortable shirts with a premium look, go for those made of high-quality ultra cotton, combed cotton, ringspun cotton, or a blend of combed and ringspun cotton.

Traditional Gifts Should Not Be Completely Overlooked

Traditional gifts are not a bad choice just because they are the standard for gift giving. In fact, they offer a lot of opportunity for individualization in their themes. For example, the traditional gift idea for a couple’s one year anniversary is paper, since it symbolizes being substantial, yet still fragile, whereas the modern gift idea is a clock. You could take these gift ideas as building blocks for your gift and maybe get a unique personalized clock with the anniversary date engraved on it with the names of the couple. Another option could be to get a personalized playing cards set, maybe featuring the recipient’s beloved animals or simply photos from times throughout the couple’s relationship. Photographs of beautiful memories are always treasured and fun to look back on, so they make a great lasting gift.

A wine gift basket with fancy chocolates and snacks would be the perfect gift to celebrate this milestone in your relationship. You can enjoy the wine and treats together while watching a movie or relaxing under the stars.

If your significant other, or the couple you are gifting, has shown an appreciation for traditional gifts in the past, these are definitely safe bets to ensuring they love your gift. While you do not necessarily need to gift all of the expensive gemstones in jewelry form, you can find more cost effective options by finding a gift that is reminiscent of the gemstone. An idea for this is to substitute silver for a 25th year anniversary with a silver colored gift or perhaps decorated silverware and other kitchen utensils.


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  1. Chelle

    Love your blog! Super cute. I have a gift to share that my hubby gave me. It was a sketch of my wedding dress and his suit. He used the sweetest company called Dreamlines, whom I have also purchased from for a shower. The detail of my dress was stunning. I truly cannot say enough about how neat this gift is.

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