A Few Coat Buying Tips

September 25, 2017

Now that the weather is getting a bit colder, most retailers are starting to stock women’s winter coats. That means it is a good time to go shopping for one. Generally speaking, when you shop early in the season you get a far better choice. If you leave it a month or two, what tends to happen is that the best cuts sell out completely or it becomes to find one in your size.

Stick To The Classics

If you are likely to need to wear your coat for a few years, it is always best to stick to the classic cuts. These never really go completely out of style. Usually, all it takes to give them a fresh new look is the right accessories. The other nice thing about these cuts is that they tend to suit most body types. Plus, they are far more versatile than some of the more radical styles. For example, a trench coat is just as good for picking the kids up from school as it is for wearing to the office, or for a shopping trip.

Look For A Versatile Voat

Coats are expensive items, so you will want to get as much use out of yours as you can. The best way to do this is to buy one that is versatile. Something like a trench coat is great for throwing on over your party outfit in the evening as well as wearing for your commute.

Double Check The Sizing Before Buying

Most people try their coat on as soon as it arrives, or if they are buying from a shop before they make their purchase. However, they tend to just try it on, see how it looks in front of the mirror and leave it at that. Unfortunately, sometimes, the first time they wear their coat over a heavy jumper they end up realising that it is not actually big enough. Or, that they cannot reach up and get something off of the top shelf at the supermarket. When you try your coat on make sure you do so wearing a jumper and check that it still offers enough freedom of movement.

How Easy It Will Be To Care For Your Coat

Before buying your coat, check the care label. Not everyone wants to buy a coat that has to be dry-cleaned. Over time, this can work out expensive and not everyone finds it easy to get to the dry cleaners when they need to.

How Warm It Will Be

Most of us buy a coat, because we want protection from the weather. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure it is made to fulfil that role. Make sure it buttons or zips up high enough and that there is enough of an overlap to stop the wind getting in through the opening. A coat that gapes will be drafty.

Make Sure It Is At Least Shower Proof

If you do not like the look of the shower proof and water resistant coats you come across you can potentially buy one and waterproof it yourself. Just bear in mind that not all materials can be sprayed in this way, so always check before you buy. The FAQ section of the spray manufacturer’s website will tell you which types of fabrics their products can be used for.

It is certainly possible to waterproof a down coat at home. You can find out exactly how to do it, here.

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