Top Attractions In Malaysia

October 11, 2017

Tourists and travelers to Malaysia enjoy distinct experiences in Malaysian Borneo and Malaysian peninsula. While the peninsula houses the modern capital, Kuala Lumpur and is a blend of Malay, Chinese, and Indian flavors, Borneo is filled with granite peaks, wild jungle, and remote tribes. There is still more to Malaysia with its colonial towns and beautiful islands that keep its visitors busy and entertained. Dubbed a melting pot of culture, there is loads of tourism potential in the country. Stunning architecture, happening nightlife, and surreal beaches offer an experience that one can never forget. All you need to do is start scanning for cheap flights online that can take you to Malaysia.

There are many amazing places that you can visit in Malaysia especially Langkawi. According to my research, you will need to rent a car if you are traveling in this island. After checking out a few car rental companies in Langkawi, I have found that is the best option as all their cars are in great condition and the price is very affordable.

AirAsia airline is the favorite budget airline among the travelers from all across the world. It is not only the most reliable and affordable way to travel in Asia, but boasts of the large fleet ever. Moreover, because of the huge route network across Asia, you will not face any issue if wondering how to how to reach any city in Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands

Enjoy a holiday adventure like none other at Cameron Highlands, a surreal destination with sprawling farms and emerald green hills. Comprising of Brinchang, Tanah Rata, Tringkap Rata, and Ringlet area, there is an incredible opportunity of hiking in each of these areas with picturesque trails. Cameron Highlands were first developed by the British and the hill station is renowned for its trails. Relax in-between at some paradisiacal place and enjoy coffee or tea.

Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park is where you will find the world’s largest flower, Rafflesia. The gigantic flower can grow up to three feet in diameter, but dies after a few days. There are good chances to seeing it as the flower blooms any time of the year. However, the best times are from November through January. Apart from Rafflesia, there are nice beaches, rugged mountains, and jungles pot explore in Sarawak park.

Perhentian Islands

Another major attraction in Malaysia are the Perhentian Islands that are famous for nightlife and watersports. You will always find a crowd here, as there are plenty of water activities such as scuba diving, sea-kayaking, and snorkeling to enjoy. You can also watch the volunteers save and conserve sea turtles. Enjoy the opportunity of jungle trekking or sighting large spiders and big monitor lizards between Long Beach and Coral Bay. End the day with a beach party at Bubu Long Beach resort.

Kek Lok Si Temple

The relatively new Kek Lok Si temple dates back only to 1891 and stands on a hilltop at Air Itam. It is one of the most influential Chinese Buddhist temples and is also known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss. The temple complex is divided into three zones and its grounds comprise the entrance, souvenir, the turtle liberation pond, and food and drinks stalls. Enjoy the impressive sight of countless images of Buddha. The temple draws pilgrims from throughout Southeast Asia. The Temple of Rama and Buddha carvings are the main highlights of the complex.

Taman Negara

If you love exploring forests or jungles, then you must visit Taman Negara national park, which conserves tropical rainforest that are more than 130 million years of age. Boardwalk circuits in the frosts cross through the longest rope walkway in the world. Gaze at the most bountiful wildlife during your walk. Get the chance to get an insight into the lives of some indigenous tribes. You may come across birds such as red junglefowl, great argus, and the rare Malayan peacock-pheasant, or the Malayan gaur, Indian elephant and crab-eating macaque.

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  1. Jon Pedersen

    Wow. I’ve been to Malaysia quite a few times, but neglected many of these seemingly awesome places. Thanks for sharing.

    I might even put one or two up on my already-huge bucket list at my blog.

    Btw, I also noticed your great bucket list!

    Wish you a nice day, and I’ll update you if I’ll do one of these top attractions!

  2. Citrus Holidays

    Nice Itinerary that you have shared with us. If you want to absorb as much of the essence of Malaysia then there cannot be a better choice for you than the Kuala Lumpur.

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