Discover The Best Of Cape Verde Islands By Cruise

October 19, 2017

Discovering the best of Cape Verde islands by cruise is the easiest and most convenient way to get up close and personal with the best features of these gorgeous islands. Boutique cruising allows you to totally get to grips with the charm of the archipelago situated off the western coast of Africa. The cluster of islands is found in the Atlantic ocean and boasts diverse natural beauty along with an alluring mix of culture and opens us a whole world of activities and experiences that will enhance your cruise holiday even further. And with an all-year pleasant climate, island cruising around Cape Verde is ideal, even in November!

Monte Gordo Cape Verde

Discover The Landscapes

The archipelago is known for its immensely varied landscapes. Cape Verde Islands have been gifted with wild, natural beauty in great abundance and diversity which is, in itself, a stand alone reason to visit. From the verdant hills and mountain ranges, to deep jungles, to volcanic terrains and deserted beaches; there is so much to explore, to see, to witness, that it is worth considering a Cape Verde cruise holiday with island excursions that will let you immerse into the specific beauties of each. The most unmissable are the volcanoes of Fogo and Monte Gordo, the Faja and Paul Valleys, and the jungle path of San Antao. These places will send you on a journey back in time, to when people were closer to nature, admired it and revered it on a daily basis. There are some incredible beaches to visit as well, and as diverse as the archipelago is above ground level, it is equally so below the sea’s surface. The underwater world of Cape Verde has a rich biodiversity full of colorful species that will definitely not disappoint. For diving enthusiasts, the Buracona Cave and the Santo Antao shipwreck are simply breathtaking spots, while if you prefer snorkeling do not miss the opportunity to get a glimpse of turtles, dolphins, and a shark or two! The sea temperature ranges from 23 – 27 degrees Celsius all year round, offering ideal conditions for sea activities.

Discover The Culture

The islands of the Cape Verde archipelago are a spellbinding blend of African and Portuguese heritage, and so are an exotic mix between African and European cultural influences that make Cape Verde so extraordinary. Cape Verdeans are a highly musical people and their national music, Morna, also has some Brazilian influences and is also played on the street by locals. On Praia Island, visit the “House of Culture” dedicated to the national artist Ildo Lobo. Cape Verdean history too is very interesting, as the islands used to be a hub for slave trade in the past. So, it is exceptionally poignant to visit now, bearing in mind how grateful we should all be for our freedoms today. In Praia, check out the landmark lighthouse with its fantastic views and also visit the Cidade Velha, the old Portuguese capital city with its old royal fortress (UNESCO World Heritage site), as well as the Museum of Maritime History that houses many shipwreck findings. In the city of Sao Filipe, on the island of Fogo, you will discover a town steeped in colonial charm while in Mindelo, on San Vicente island, you will be able to get a taste of the local nightlife, along with browsing the many galleries and restaurants and music venues.

Lighthouse Praia


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