When To Get Your Wedding Ring Resized

October 20, 2017

Sometimes it becomes important to get the size of your wedding ring changed. There are many reasons this might occur and some of these reasons should not be ignored. Many things can affect the way that your ring fits and even though some of these reasons can be changed, there are some issues that are irreversible and will require a resizing. The bright side of this situation happens to be that rings can be downsized or enlarged to accommodate the wearer’s needs. In some cases, rings cannot be resized, and that requires the wearer to buy a whole new ring.

The process of resizing is not usually the first thought on people’s minds when they are buying their wedding or engagement rings. This should be something to consider before you purchase your ring and considering any possible changes in your life will help you to decide if you need to buy a bigger or smaller ring than what would fit at that exact moment. Things to consider are weight loss or gain goals that are currently set in place. Another reason would be a plan to start a family because pregnancy changes your weight and the size of your finger dramatically. Other reasons for changing the size of your ring will come as a surprise.

First, you must consider your comfort with the ring you are wearing and if the fit is too big or too small. Once your thoughts and feelings have been sorted, try consulting a jeweler as a second opinion. They will know whether your ring needs to be resized and to what size it will need to be changed. This is an important step of the process to changing the size of your ring is a dramatically different process depending on the size you are needing.

Making your ring smaller is fairly easier to have done. The jeweler will cut out a small portion of the band and rejoin the pieces. After soldering it back together and cleaning it by oxidation, the ring is polished and smoothened. You will not be able to tell that there has been a change within your ring. However, rings that are ornate and have intricate designs around the entire length of the band are more complicated to work on.

Enlarging the size of your ring can be very difficult compared to down sizing. Some rings can be stretched if the ring is not to increase more than a half size. Similar to making the ring smaller, a ring can be cut and pieces of metal would be soldered into the gap that has been created. There is also a similar complication with ornate and intricate designs around the bands.

No matter what your reason is for changing the size of your ring, make sure that your ring can be resized and your reason cannot be changed by other means. Thankfully the cost of these alterations will be around $50 to $100 depending on the material of the ring being worked on. It is still better to make sure that this change is necessary because reversing the process is an even more complicated process. Losing your ring becomes a possibility with every alteration that is made.

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