Eight Tips On How To Pick The Best Men’s Wedding Band

November 14, 2016

There have been many cultural and fashion shifts through the years, but one thing that remains constant — especially in weddings — is the wedding band and its significance. You will also note that there is more attention placed on men’s wedding bands now more than ever.

This shift has elicited a total change in thinking and every man about to get married will have questions about which the best wedding band is. This emphasis and the need to wear the perfect wedding band have led you to this article.

Through the years, the following tips have been highlighted to help grooms and brides to be on how to select the best wedding band. A wedding band is a representation of love and dedication. As far as wedding rings go, American men like to use gold plated, silver, or diamond bands with a little round before. Oftentimes, they may even wear a fairly thick or narrower band with an engraving within it. However, as times change, so do men’s tastes. You must visit Israeldiamond.com, a reputable online jeweller store that offers a wide range of men’s wedding bands in addition to those for women. Here are the proven guidelines for the best wedding bands:

The Cost

The cake, bride’s gown, and the cost of your wedding attire are not the only item that affects your wedding budget. As a result of the shift in trends, there have been an emergence of exquisite wedding bands and if you are eyeing any of these trendy wedding bands, then you will have to chuck a huge chunk of money. However, if you cut costs elsewhere, such as buying your wedding linens from linens wholesale, then you will have the money to buy the ring of your dreams!

Wedding bands made out of precious metals, gemstones, diamonds, or even the encrusted bands cost more than a plain silver or gold wedding band. You will also note that tungsten bands and platinum bands cost more and if they do not fit your budget, then you will have to find cheaper alternatives.

The Style

Which style of wedding band will you wear? Does the chosen style match your personality or character? Will the band be suitable for you to wear at work? Will it match your suit?

These and many other questions on style should be thoroughly evaluated and sadly, this is a tough nut to crack for many men. As overwhelming as it may be, you should be able to choose a preferred style with the pattern and shape in mind.

As dictated by your personality and preference, you can either go for plain wedding bands, patterned, or a diamond studded wedding band. A dazzling wedding band is a common choice for modern couples, but if you still believe in elegance through simplicity then the plain wedding band in a metal material of your choice will work.

The Finish

The finish of men’s wedding band matters and depends on the metal chosen. The current trends have seen an increase in finishes, such as the highly polished finishes, matte, hammered, wired, or satin finishes. The chosen wedding band finish depends on your personal preference and also the lifestyle and your career.

The Material

You should note that there are various wedding bands materials and you should not have your thoughts fixed on the metals. There are classy and trendier wedding bands with wood inlay or made entirely or treated wood.

Because of societies’ take on metals for wedding bands, wood men’s wedding bands have been designed to meet the needs of individuals with a rather contemporary style or taste.

The metal chosen is also going to affect the cost of the wedding band and you will realize a number of wedding bands with palladium or tungsten metal, but with a wood inlay. Because of the work put into these wedding bands, and their appearance, they are rather expensive and they could be above your budget.

A general guideline for picking a wedding band is to consider how you will feel about it a few years after your wedding.

The Width

The width of the wedding band chosen is determined largely by your fingers and even though you like the appearance of thin wedding bands, if you have rather thick fingers, the preference will not work for you because it will create an illusion of thicker than normal fingers.

The most common and preferred wedding band width lies between 7mm to 9mm though the thickest band can be as wide as 20mm and the thinnest at about 2mm. Besides the thickness of your wedding band, you should also consider the wedding band metal, because these will affect the overall cost of the wedding band.

Internal Fit

Most people interviewed months after their weddings confess to not checking the internal or the interior fit of the wedding band. With some blaming the rush and the excitement around the wedding time, most of these individuals have had to change their wedding bands within a week or a month.

To avoid being part of this group, you should consider choosing a comfort fit and not a standard fit. With rounded interior, the comfort fit band is easy to remove and wearing the band daily does not feel like a big hassle or you do not feel any discomfort wearing it.

The standard-fit wood men’s wooden bands have a rather flat interior and with time, you will feel that the band cuts into your skin. Though they are cheaper, they are uncomfortable.

The Size

What is the size of your finger? Do you think that you will add or lose weight before your wedding day? Are you unsure of your wedding band? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you should visit the wedding band shop and have the size of your wedding band taken.

If this is an impossible process, then you can ask your partner to help measure the size of your wedding band using a string or a piece of paper. The diameter measurements will be used for measuring and getting a fitting ring.

You should also note that your fingers are bigger in the evening or towards the end of the day and this is the measurement that should be used. By doing this, yours will not be the embarrassing tale of ill-fitting wedding bands at the altar.

Your Lifestyle

Probably, you have read this before. Mentioning it here is only important, because this will determine your future with the wedding band. You should choose a wedding band you can work with or one that will not react with whatever you do. It should also allow you to hold meetings comfortably without distracting others.

In conclusion, these tips are not hard to follow by listing them when shopping, you will come out with the right wedding band in a short time!

Sara Reids is a wedding band designer of trendy wood men’s wedding bands. Her brand is renowned and check her website for some of her recent intricate designs.

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