Types Of Tungsten Wedding Rings: Choosing The Best Kind

November 18, 2016

Congratulations on your decision to get married. It is a big step that you are making and there is a lot that you should prepare yourself for both positive and negative. Let us start off with the biggest challenge that you will have to contend with at the moment: the wedding. There is nothing easy about planning a wedding. There are so many things that you need to do and items to purchase in order to get your wedding underway. As previously mentioned it is not easy, but it is also not impossible. You can get yourself the services of a wedding planner to make work easier. Something that even a wedding planner cannot help you a lot with is the wedding rings.

Choosing wedding rings is always a big challenge. This is because there are so many different options for you to select from and you are bound to be completely spoilt for choice when it comes to picking the one wedding ring that you would like to take home with you. Remember that once you purchase the wedding rings, you cannot change them up until a certain time in life when you decide to renew your vows. Thus, you do not want to select just any random wedding ring, because you will be wearing it on your finger for a really long time.

Selecting The Perfect Wedding Ring

The most important thing that you will probably consider first when choosing a wedding ring is the material of the ring. Wedding rings are being crafted from a whole lot of materials ranging from the most precious of metals — like gold and silver — to other metals that are not all that expensive — like copper and aluminum. You can already guess how copper rings look like? There is nothing exciting about them! The same cannot be said about the much hyped tungsten carbide wedding rings. They are a gift from the heavens.

For people who are looking for unique and affordable wedding rings, these are the best to work with. Getting high quality tungsten wedding rings is not difficult. Selecting is the tasking activity that you will have to grapple with. This is because there are a number of lovely options that you can work with. Some of the most popular types of tungsten wedding bands include:

Polished Tungsten Wedding Rings

These rings are easy to mistake for silver rings. They have that silver-grey color to them and they are very shiny. They capture the attention of people from afar. They are undoubtedly the most popular option to work with if you are in search of tungsten wedding rings. These rings bring with them a lustrous shine, plus the strength that is characteristic of tungsten wedding rings.

It is possible to polished black tungsten wedding rings as well. You are not limited to silvery colors. Black tungsten men’s wedding rings are increasingly becoming popular all over the world with each passing day. This is because of the unique sheen and color that they bring with them.

Brushed Tungsten Wedding Rings

They are not as shiny as the polished ones, but this is not to say that they are less attractive in any way. Brushed tungsten wedding bands are easy to note. These ones are actually completely unmistakable. It is only tungsten that can deliver the rugged and sophisticated look that is characteristic of the brush tungsten wedding bands. These rings are very popular among the younger generation. If you are one of those people who are not scared to try out new things, then you are definitely going to fall in love with the brushed tungsten wedding rings. You can have the rings personalized to your specifications when it is being crafted. Brushed tungsten wedding rings come in two tones; you can get the black or the silver ones.

Two-Tone Tungsten Wedding Rings

Just as the name suggests, they have two-tones. Who said that a wedding ring cannot be of two colors? You can get a pair of two-tone tungsten wedding rings to fulfill this for you. These rings are usually a mating of black tungsten with the silver tungsten. The design is completely left to the jeweler and the clients. These are perfect for people who do not want to limit themselves to one color of a wedding ring.

Wood Inlay Tungsten Tings

Wood inlay tungsten wedding rings come with a wooden inlay. Set within the ring itself is the wood inlay. There type of wood is determined by the designer of the ring. You can have just about any kind of wood set from yellow and red to brown and other deeper colors. Wood inlay tungsten rings are simply a variation of the two-tone tungsten wedding rings, only that the second tone is wooden in character.

Patterned Tungsten Wedding Rings

Adding a pattern to a tungsten wedding ring is also an option. For instance, you can make the rings grooved. It changes the whole character of the ring. It gives it a whole new atmosphere about it. Patterns are not limited to grooves alone though. If you can think of a pattern, then you are more than welcome to visit your jeweler with it. Alternatively, you can find the rings online. Tungsten wedding rings are very easy to access online. They are cheap and very affordable when you buy them online.

Buying tungsten wedding rings can be a bit tricky, especially if you have no idea of the innumerable options that are available for you. These rings come in a whole lot of types; the one that you decide to choose is entirely your decision. There are people who love the polished tungsten rings, while others would jump over the moon if they get the patterned rings of their dreams. When it comes to buying tungsten wedding rings, rest assured that you are going to get a multitude of options. This is very good because it means that you are assured of getting quality products.

Eva Angeline is a jewelry blogger who has been tracking the increasing popularity of tungsten wedding rings for a number of years now. She writes about all sorts of tungsten rings from the black tungsten men’s wedding rings both brushed and polished to patterned and wood inlay rings.

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