Bridesmaid Essentials For The Dress And Shoes

November 20, 2016

What am I supposed to wear now that I have been chosen to be a bridesmaid? Am I going to have to spend thousands of dollars for an outfit? The shoes! What kind of shoes should I pick?

First off, congratulations on being chosen to accompany the bride on her wedding day! Now is the time for you to relax first and foremost, plan and you will be fine.

Many times, the bridesmaids wear the same outfits, other times they do not. This will be revealed to you early on through the wedding plan process. This article pertains to either scenario.

Shall we start with the all-important bridesmaid dresses? When working on a budget for the big day, this should not keep you from looking your best as you accompany the bride.

According to Azazie.comit is possible to acquire bridesmaid dresses that are custom fit, affordable, handmade, and created in an environmentally responsible fashion. Right now sky blue bridesmaid dresses are super in style!

Contrary to what the magazines at the checkout lines at your local grocery store will try to lead you to believe, you can look like a million dollars and not have to refinance your home.

Hosiery for the legs is a touchy subject for many women. The 80’s saw hosiery take off as many of the stars on television and the movies flaunted their sheer legs in various brands.

Along comes the 90’s and the bare leg trend takes off. Women everywhere from the morning network shows to late night television put their bare legs on display.

Well, times are changing again and hosiery has made a comeback thanks to ladies in the public eye such as Ariana Grande and Kate Middleton showcasing their legs in sheer hosiery. They are wearing hosiery year around, not just on the coldest of days.

Hosiery is a great way to compliment your bridesmaid dress and to “hide” any imperfections you may have with your skin on your legs, ankles, and feet. They are back in style and women everywhere are taking the compliments of how great they look on them.

Shoes? What lady does not love to indulge in an afternoon of shoe shopping? With this big day looming in the future, and knowing that you will be on your feet for a while, what should I look for in both style and comfort?

First off, if you are going to wear hosiery, the general rule is not to wear open toed shoes with nude or tan hosiery. If you do go the route of open toed shoes with hosiery, check to be certain that your hosiery does not have a reinforced toe or toe seam.

Since you are going to be on your feet for a good portion of the wedding ceremony, you will want to find a pair of shoes that match comfort and style. Will it be high heels, pumps, or stilettos? Once you have your bridesmaid dress picked out you can match accordingly.

It will be wise for you to have another pair of shoes to slip into once the wedding ceremony and pictures are over. Slip into those flats as you please!

This is a special time for everyone on wedding day. Memories that last a lifetime. Look your best on this special day and be comfortable at the same time. The best news is this — you will not have to spend a fortune to look your best.

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