Summon The Power Of The Dragon With A Dragon Talisman

February 23, 2022

Dragon jewelry looks amazing. The strong and mighty scale-covered creature delights and mesmerizes with its beauty mixed with a touch of mystery. Dragon accessories are more than eye candy. If you carefully select your dragon and summon its powers, it will become your saint patron. Ancient Chinese revered and respected it, and the dragon rewarded its wards with good luck, health, and wisdom. You, too, can benefit from its powers. Read further and get to know what it can do for you and how you can activate your dragon talisman.

The Significance Of The Dragon In Asian Culture

The creature called Long (Dragon) is loved and revered in Chinese culture. There, the dragon is considered to be the personification of the positive energy of Yang and the heavenly powers. Much like any other serpents, the dragon is associated with water (supposedly, it lives in oceans, lakes, and rivers). Therefore, its images are often drawn on the beams of bridges, wells, and roof ridges.

Here is how old treatises describe these magical flying creatures: “The head of a camel, deer horns, eyes of a demon, 81 or 117 sparkling carp-like scales, eagle claws, and tiger paws.” They also have a magnificent mane and a large bulge at the back of their head. It is thanks to this bulge, they can fly because Eastern dragons, unlike their brothers from the Western world, simply have no wings.

According to the ancient scholar Wang Chun, there are 9 types of dragons who submit to four kings. Apart from that, there are also mythical animals that are incarnations of natural elements. They guard deposits of precious metals and gems, cause earthquakes, hurricanes and, floods, as well as control the weather. Creatures that live longer than a thousand years learn how to take on the appearance of a man.

In China, the dragon is a symbol of the country and nation. Images of dragons adorn imperial thrones and clothes. They were sacred and inviolable — if a commoner touched an item featuring the symbol of the dragon, he would face the death penalty. For some time, people even believed that a true king should have a mole shaped like a dragon!

To honor the Long, every year people of the Celestial Empire held lush celebrations including costume processions, festivals, and boat races. People put on vibrant outfits and hid their faces behind colorful masks. They performed a dance that was supposed to scare away evil spirits and attract good luck.

The Power Of A Dragon Talisman

Longs are heavenly creatures whose breath envelops the whole world, brings harmony, gives vitality, helps make wishes come true, and contributes to positive changes. According to Feng Shui, dragons protect against ill-wishers and troubles. They share their endurance, foresight, and luck with worthy people. On top of that, they provide prosperity and material stability, allow peeping into the future, and timely react to potentially negative events. While dragons generally patronize men, they help women find a good, loving, and faithful spouse.

To invoke the power of the dragon, people from time immemorial have been wearing jewelry with dragon images. A dragon ring, feng shui fortune bracelet, comb, hair accessories, and other types of jewelry became a powerful talisman. For the same purpose, the dwellings were also furnished according to the laws of Feng Shui and completed with dragon figures.

These figurines and accessories are crafted of various materials such as metal, stone, wood, clay, and glass. More often then not, they are coated in blue (azure), green, black, scarlet, or yellow paints and enamels. If you want your talisman to bring prosperity to your home, you ought to choose a dragon with a pearl in its paw. This gem has its own significance — it personifies wealth and the ability to manage finances. However, the most potent amulets always feature amber. According to Eastern doctrine, dragons with golden or saffron scales are the oldest, the strongest, and invincible. The energy inherent in the solar gems resonates with the power of the dragon itself. Amber inlays mitigate the negative impacts and encourage achieving more. They help to get rid of decadent moods, apathy, anxiety, anger, and fear.

How To Activate Your Dragon Talisman

The fact that you picked a dragon does not mean that it will work. You need to activate it first. To do so, you should draw two dots on the beast’s eyes early in the morning. You can use either black paint and a new brush or an unlit incense stick. As soon as you complete the ritual, the Long will wake up and start guarding you and your family. If you want to enhance the protective properties of your amulet, combine it with jewelry and accessories of aquatic thematic or, at least, in an emerald, indigo, and brown finish.

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