Why Designer Jewelry Is More Than Just A Status Symbol

February 7, 2020

You might think that buying designer gold rings or necklaces from boutique jewelry brands is all about letting other people know just how much cash you have to flash. While it is certainly true that high end pieces carry a hefty hunk of status along with them, there is much more to choosing designer jewelry over cheaper, generic equivalents than pure bragging rights.

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It Is An Investment

The problem with picking off-the-peg jewelry is that it is unlikely to retain any of its original value in the long term, save for whatever the materials might be worth when broken down for scrap.

On the other hand, if you opt for a designer item, it will not only hold its value, but could actually appreciate as the years go by.

It is no surprise that investors are choosing to put their money into rare, unique pieces of jewelry at the moment. And while you might not have millions to spend, you can reap the relative benefits of buying designer jewelry further down the line if you do want to sell it.

It Looks Incredible

There is a reason that designer jewelry is so sought-after, and it is not just about the price tag; pieces which are artfully designed and meticulously put together by the most skilled people in the business are eye-catching, inventive and rarely look like anything else on the market.

That is not to say that designer jewelry is immune to hot trends, as there are certainly aesthetic choices that spread across the industry and influence the work of artisans, as well as the more mainstream manufacturers. Even so, there is always going to be a clear difference in the quality of the end product and you will know that your money has been well spend when you see a designer piece in the flesh.

It Is Special

Designer jewelry will not just say something about you to other people you meet if you buy it for yourself, as it can also be an ideal way of communicating how much you care about a loved one if you choose it as a gift.

Giving stylish, stand-out pieces to the person you care about most in the world will be a truly memorable act, especially since you can take your time and select something that really reflects their tastes. Perhaps studded diamond earrings or ankle bracelet jewelry. Whatever your gift recipient is into, making sure it’s special is essential.

It Will Stand The Test Of Time

A piece of designer jewelry will look good today and will still be shining bright decades down the line, so long as it is properly maintained and carefully worn.

It might feel a bit premature to start thinking about passing a piece down through the generations, but when the time comes you will feel glad that you have procured an heirloom worth handing over to a family member or friend. Of course, you will need to take inheritance tax into account, but even so the knowledge that your jewelry choices could be cherished down the ages should be reassuring.

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