Six Key Jewellery Trends In 2020 You Need To Know About

March 26, 2020

Fashion trends keep on changing every now and then. Of course, you cannot buy new dresses every day to look fashionable, so how to look chic? Jewellery can always lift up your outfit no matter what type of dress you are wearing.

Whether you are wearing hoops or a statement necklace around your neck, jewellery can make you stand-out. If you like to dress minimalistic or wearing bright colors is your thing, delicate jewellery pieces can do the job.

The choice of jewellery is not only dependent on the dress you are wearing, but the hairstyle and makeup matter too. Also, the style of your neckline also creates an impact on the choice of necklace you should wear.

6 Key Jewellery Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

We have gone ahead to pick some jewellery trends for you, which you need to know in 2020. Let us make our fashion game stronger!

1.  Diamond Stud Earring

Diamonds look pretty, but when in studs, it looks even more beautiful. If you are going to a formal dinner party, you can wear diamond studs without a doubt.

The delicate pair of studs becomes more visible at night. You can wear it with every type of dress and still rock it.

If you think diamonds are only available in white color, you are wrong! You can get diamond studs in four different colors at DC Jewelley.

2.  Drop Earrings

It is not necessary to wear studs every time you go out for a formal dinner. Sometimes a bit larger earrings would do the job.

If you are not a fan of studs, you can always go for drop earrings. There is not much difference between them in appearance, but each one has its own charm.

A pair of drop earrings will compliment your look if your hair is tied in a bun. It makes the earrings look more prominent yet classy.

3.  Pendant 

What about wearing a pendant with your studs at a wedding? A pendant can give you a classy look without making you feel overdressed.

There are a variety of pendants available in the market. It depends on your choice that what type of pendant do you want to wear. Each of them has its own grace.

Our personal favorite is a teardrop diamond pendant. However, you can get the pendant in heart-shaped, ava, claw-pear shaped, and many more shapes.

4.  Bracelet

You can never consider dressed if you are not wearing a bracelet. You do not need an occasion to wear a bracelet. No matter if you are going out with your friends or family, a pair of diamond bracelets will look stunning.

A necklace usually does not look well with a dress having a low neckline. In that case, you can wear a bracelet and skip the necklace to complete the look.

Also, if you are wearing a dress with pastel colors, do not forget to wear a diamond bracelet. It will give you a minimalist yet beautiful look.

How about buying a trace chain bracelet? You can customize the bracelet according to your choice as well.

5.  Rings

Your perfectly-manicured hands will still look incomplete if you are not wearing a ring. Rings play a significant role when it comes to styling. Many people like to wear rings on both hands.

If you are looking to buy a ring, buy a 2.5 mm Marquise diamond ring. The exquisite design of the eternity ring will make you fall in love with it.

If you want to buy the ring for your engagement, this ring can serve the purpose. You can also choose from many designs from here.

6.  Snake Chain Pendant

Are you looking for a pendant with a different style? We got you covered! You must have seen a large number of pendants with a long loose chain. Well, you can find various styles of the chain.

The snake chain pendant can give you a very different look as they fall a little around your neck. You can add the pendant of your choice as every shape will look equally beautiful.

If you are wearing a low neckline, the snake chain pendant is a perfect choice.


Fashion is not what others wear — it is what you wear. You can add a charm in a boring and dull dress with different jewellery pieces.

For a simple look, you can just wear the earrings and leave the hair open, so that you can keep your style game on while not being overdressed.

One more thing which influences your decision of the type of jewellery you must wear is makeup. A bright lipstick will steal the show, thus wear diamond studs if you do not want your earrings to be overlooked.

Whatever occasion it is, a few pieces of jewellery will not hurt anyone. If not, only wear a diamond ring.

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