Top Ten Jewelry Styles New Yorkers Love

August 31, 2022

The Big Apple is one of the world’s fashion hotspots. All eyes are on New York every time this city celebrates its fashion week in hopes of getting the crème de la crème of fashion and jewelry

But you do not need to book yourself a ticket just to experience the best of New York fashion and the gorgeous jewelry style this city has to offer. If you want to know the fashion jewelry styles New Yorkers love, then we have got you covered.

Here are the ten best jewelry styles that are all the rage in the city:

1. Chunky Chokers

We have seen the rise of logomania in fashion jewelry and New York’s take on this is through chunky, heavyset chokers that add so much grit and power to your look. Pair it with an off-shoulder LBD and you are set to strut the Times Square.

Full metal chokers that cover almost half of your neck definitely require some commitment to your jewelry style. If bold fashion choices are your thing, then this one is right for you.

2. Rhinestone Net Gloves

Body jewelry has recently hit the spotlight for New York fashion and jewelry. An ode to the classic opera-length glove that simply exudes elegance, the rhinestone net gloves will effortlessly add sparkle to your outfit.

This is the perfect jewelry style to build around when you want to stand out in your gala-ready outfit. It could be paired with a simple dress to let the jewelry shine through or an accompaniment to continue the sparkle in your outfit. Whatever it is, you can’t go wrong with a pair of rhinestone net gloves. 

3. Metal Fringe Drop Earrings

New York fashion is all about drama and attention. So why not get yourself a pair of metal fringe drop earrings to instantly elevate your jewelry style?

This fashion jewelry style has many variations that will fit whatever look or occasion you will be. Out for a casual day? A pendant earring with beaded fringe is perfect on its own or as a layered look. Have a date night? How about some gold fringe earrings that look like a Greek goddess wreath? The possibilities are endless for this jewelry style.

4. Resin Bangles

Resin jewelry is a jewelry style that can be a hit or miss for some. But for the New Yorkers, a lot of them are obsessed with this material because of how customizable it is. Plus if you are into some DIY, then you can create your own resin jewelry.

Resin bangles are also the perfect stacking jewelry that will look absolutely compelling against neutral clothing. You can opt for monotone shades to keep things minimalistic or have fun with multicolored options. 

5. Jewelry Clothing

New York fashion has been bolder and bolder each season and this year, the people in this city started embracing the concept of jewelry clothing.

Simply put, this jewelry design is all about replacing your normal clothing with jewelry pieces. Instead of grabbing your usual long-sleeve shirt, why not be bold and replace it with chain mail-inspired jewelry that fully covers your upper half? Want a little crop top moment? A bikini chain paired with sleek black pants will outright leave a lasting impression on others.

6. Baroque Pearl Jewelry

Classic pearl jewelry has been under many evolutions since it became a staple in jewelry making. But one thing’s for sure —pearl jewelry is no longer a dated look for most women.

We’ve seen the rise of Baroque pearls in the New York fashion scene. Gone are the days when pearl jewelry is only deemed beautiful if it was made with unblemished perfectly round pearls. Now, asymmetry and imperfections in this jewelry style are even more valuable because it adds character and depth to the design.

7. Chains on Chains

Multi-layered chains never left the scene of fashion jewelry trends and New Yorkers are no exception.

Based on the runways and market trends, this city is still obsessed with layers upon layers of different types of chain jewelry. May it be your usual rope chain or the classic Figaro thread. It varies in different sizes too. This is perhaps proof that you do not need too many frills to be bold in style.

8. Oversized Charm Jewelry

Classic jewelry trends such as charm jewelry rarely undergo style innovation because there is no need to fix what is not broken. But in the New York fashion scene, jewelry designers love to play with classic trends just for the fun of it.

Out of it comes the oversized charm jewelry trend that swept the city to its knees. It is an endearing and sophisticated addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Not to mention that oversized charms bring so much character to your style. Because why be subtle if you can be as loud as you possibly could?

9. All Things Circle

They said that the circle is the most perfect shape of them all and the New York fashion scene has certainly taken that to heart.

For so many years, this particular silhouette is a staple in jewelry design. This is evident from the endless hoop earring styles that have come out of the runways in New York. From solid metal hoops to textured and structural earrings —they have it all.

The best part about this jewelry style is how incredibly versatile it is. Need a little office jewelry? A pair of hoop hugger earrings would be perfect. Going on a night out with your friends? Grab your boldest pair of hoop earringsfrom famous online jewelry stores such as Faire, Shopgirl or JewelryBund to complement your look. 

10. Rich and Icy Diamond Jewelry

If there is anything that New Yorkers love in jewelry, it is the opulence and glamour. What better way to celebrate both than wearing a piece of diamond jewelry?

From chandelier earrings to ridiculously large rocks on the rings — diamonds will simply never go out of style. It is a great investment too as the price only seems to climb up. But if splurging on jewelry is not your thing, then you can opt for cubic zirconia jewelry pieces.

Cubic zirconia is a great alternative to diamonds. It looks and feels just like a real diamond without the price of one. It is an excellent deal if you ask us. 

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