Wearing Your Jewelry With Individuality

December 15, 2018

Some people wear jewelry as if it were art, which is the best way to ensure that you are creative in wearing your jewelry. There are many different ways that you can wear jewelry differently, to stand out from the crowd, even when many other people may have the same pieces as you. It is not about what you have, but instead about how you wear it, so show it off in style and make a statement whenever you wear jewelry. Below are some of the different types of jewelry you can utilize to be bold and make a statement:

Wear Rings With A Difference

Something that you can do with rings is to wear stackable rings, which allows you to wear them in a unique order. Many designers have their collections of stackable rings, which are all interchangeable such as some Pandora rings you will love. You will find that you can also interchange between different jewelry designers and have rings stacked up, on multiple fingers. When a ring stack is put together tastefully and using good quality jewelry, it transforms the hands of the wearer, and lets observers see a lit bit of their personality.

Wear Jewelry That Represents Experiences

Many people wear jewelry to make a statement, and you can use your experiences to show off your individuality. Picking up items from your travels or wearing MODU Jewelry that celebrates graduations or other life milestones can enhance your style and help you stand out. Besides this, your jewelry can also pay tribute to your heritage, especially if you’re living in another country now, as it will make you feel more connected to home. The appealing thing about this is that you can pick any jewelry style you need, and many pieces – especially family heirlooms – are gorgeously unique.

Wear More Than One Bracelet

As well as being able to stack rings, you can also stack bracelets and combine your favorite ones and wear them at the same time. You can mix different styles of bracelets and have them going up your forearm, combining different designs and styles, or choosing similar ones so that they match one another. You can get bracelets in a wide assortment of various materials such as:

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Leather
  • Copper
  • Rose Gold

With also having so many different colors to choose from, you are sure to be able to make a statement with your jewelry by combining all of your favorites. Go subtle, or go loud, it is up to you!

Wearing Your Necklaces

You can also stack your necklaces and create a massive effect that can accentuate the cleavage, as well as elongating the neck. You can purchase necklaces that are designed to stack, with one being longer than the others and then each one after that being shorter. You can also combine different types of necklaces and make a statement about who you are and what you like. They can be complementary or contrasting colors, whatever it is that you prefer. Options like custom name necklaces give you even more freedom to create a unique and individual look, giving you the power to include your own name.

Change The Purpose Of Your Jewelry

You can also wear your jewelry differently than it was intended to be worn, such as wearing a brooch in your hair rather than on your clothes. You can add a ring to an earring and wear it differently, or you can wear an earring through a piercing in your eyebrow, cheek, or nose.

There is so much that you can do to wear your jewelry creatively that you will have a lot of fun finding out who you want to show everybody today.

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