Why is it important to choose the exact size of the menstrual cup?

December 15, 2018

Menstruation is an a common phase which every female has to face. Normally, protection is required when females are bleeding during the menstrual period.  This helps in protecting the clothes from getting stained resulting in embarrassment in the entire society.  Even though the stage of menstruation isquite common and obvious for every female to undergo the situation some femalesstill feel embarrassed during this period and feel very irritated.  The causes may be innumerable.

Menstrual cup – A revolutionary product

Basically when the human body faces some changes and when the blood flows out, the body becomes weak till it regains the blood through the intake of food. This weakness and abdominal pain in some may cause severe irritation in them.  But the movement the menstrual period of 3-4 days is over, their behavior becomes normal. the safe period calculator also work.  Well, the pain in the human body can only be reduced by taking some pain relieving medicines.   But every effort of providing relaxation to all the women in the world has been made.  New and more effective instruments are designed through which the women can at least get benefitted and resume their regular duties.  Introduction of a menstrual cup is a revolution that took place in this process. 

Menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is onesuch device which is made up of silicone material. A menstrual cup is flexibleand has a shape of a ball with a stem below it. The shape of ball size is molded and inserted into the vagina during themenstrual period.  It protects fromleakage. If you are looking for more benefits from menstrual cups, then DaisyCup is the right solution. Check the website to find out about the Daisy Cup in details.

However, the leakage of the menstrual cup depends on the size of the menstrual cup purchased for usage.  Some of the tips useful while purchasing menstrual cups are:

  • Always read the product details completely. Many bands are manufacturing menstrual cups with a slight difference in features.  Some may offer disposable, while some may offer reusable products.  So a careful checking before purchase will always be better as the right product can be purchased.  Even though some offer the take back offer,they have their terms and conditions.  As women, you have so much tension both physically as well as mentally.  And when you are in trouble choosing the wrong product, following up with the manufacturer or the retailer is anotherheadache.
  • It is very difficult to compare the sizes of menstrual cups manufactured by different manufacturers.  There are two sizes of menstrual cups- small,and large. Even in these sizes, the size varies from brand to brand. The only way of confirming the size is only after the first purchase. If a female is a teenager or below the age of 30 years, then a small menstrual cup will be sufficient.  In case the female is abov ethe age of 30 years, she may require a large menstrual cup as she would have already delivered a baby by then.


Even after the purchase of the product, the female should wait for some time to get adjusted and then decide which size is right for her. And the next time she buys, she can select the size she wants.

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