Top Jewelry Trends To Follow This Fall

August 23, 2018

Like any part of the fashion world, jewelry trends change incredibly quickly. If you are looking to buy some fresh bling this fall, here are a few emerging styles to keep you ahead of the curve:

Fall Jewelry Trends
Image Source: Pete Bellis

 Outlandish Earrings

There are some incredibly creative earring designs doing the rounds at the moment, so if you want to spice things up with some aural accoutrements that look like nothing else out there, now is the time.

When it comes to luxury fashion jewelry, there are a lot of hot earring designers to consider. You could go for the gorgeously detailed mosaic earrings from Stevan Bicakci or express yourself with some beaded earrings from Brunello Cucinelli. 

Bold Chains

Feminine jewelry tends to favour slim and slender designs when it comes to neckwear, but this trend has been turned on its head in 2018 with the revival of unambiguously chunky chains.

Do not be afraid to go really big when choosing a chain. And it does not even have to be plain; pop a big, bold pendant on the end or attach something a little less traditional if you want to really push the boat out.

Bring on the Bangles

Bangles, bracelets, whatever you want to call them — wrist wear is back with a vengeance this year, and as with chains, it is best to pick up the chunkiest you can find. 

Another important thing to remember about the trend for impactful bangles is that there is no point wearing just one; stack them up and get a good contrast with different colours, shapes, and materials.

Love for Logos

Sometimes fashion houses try to disguise their logos or leave them off products entirely, but branding is now the in thing in the sphere of high end jewelry. 

Most of the major brands have come out with conspicuous logo-based trinkets in the past year or so, covering everything from earrings to charm bracelets. Take your pick and wear your favorite brand with pride.

Whole Body

At the more avant-garde end of the design spectrum come jewelry options that are truly wearable. Seen on a number of catwalks, as well as out and about, jewelry that wraps around different bits of the body can be a true statement.

This can include everything from harness-like loops of precious metals that are worn around the torso to valuable headgear that covers the hair and resembles a kind of fretted helmet.

Roll out the Rings

The sparkle and shimmer of a gorgeous ring can turn heads and get a whole room talking. But do not think that gold and diamonds are the be all and end all in this respect. 

Designers are experimenting with more gemstone colors, as well as harnessing different materials to create stunning effects. The spiral creations of Mattia Cielo and the ribcage-like structures from Dana Rebecca which hug your finger and hold your attention are especially intriguing. 

Chasing jewelry trends is not for the faint-hearted, but pieces you buy today will surely stay in style, if they are of adequate quality!

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