Lighting Mistakes That Can Totally Undermine The Aesthetic Appeal Of Your House

October 25, 2017

Any home remodeling project is incomplete without sprucing up the lighting. Professionals have remodeled thousands of homes and in almost all of them they often notice a devastating lack of finesse in illumination. The wrong lights can mar the beauty of the entire house irrespective of the theme and new furnishing.

If you do not know the basics of light and their use in respective corners of your home, there is no way you can perfect your interior decor. Here are the five lighting mistakes that you might be making right now:

1.  You Are Not Thinking In Layers

The chances are that you are using just one bright ceiling light in your living room, bedroom, and kitchen. While they can do the job fine, they can create all the wrong accents and light-shadows and take away the beauty of your rooms. Bright lights from one source can create hard shadows. These do more harm than good when it comes to elegant decor.

You may have a series of recessed lights in the room, but unless you balance them, you will not get the warmth you need. In fact, too much overhead lighting steals the charm and character of a room.

Going for accent lights for your bookshelves, art, and wall decor is a great idea. Do not forget to add cozy bedside lamps in your bedroom and go for standing lamps for your living rooms. Ambient lighting is excellent for large rooms including your living room and maybe a few in the kitchen too for large parties.

2.  You Are Not Paying Attention To The Shadows 

What you do in the shadows is everyone’s business. Placing a light fixture in the wrong spot can be a massive problem if you have a heavily accented room. For example, bathrooms deserve scone lights on either side of the mirror and mood lights above the tub. A single task light on the ceiling will just not cut it.

Lights in the kitchen and garage are essential. While installing lighting fixtures in these spaces, you need to think of where you need the light to fall and the position of your shadow. Otherwise, you can end up with a shadow exactly where you need to work.

The best solution is to go with a desk task lamp. Pick one with the help of 24-7 Premier that suits the character and feel of the room. You can go for rustic handmade lamps for your rustic kitchen and highly polished metal lamps for your garage.

3.  You Are Not Investing In Dimmers

What good is recessing lights without dimmers? Well, when you need to set the right mood, you need to install dimmers. Now, you can go for wall mounted controllers or remote controllers, which you can work from your phone. The secret is to create the drama and ambiance in a room by using the dimmer when you have guests.

We have seen people use dimmers in the powder room, as well, and we can say we do love it. Unless you have to do your makeup from scratch, dimmers in powder rooms are necessary to hold the mood of the rest of the house.

4.  You May Not Be Considering Your Closet

You may not have a walk-in closet like Carrie from Sex and the City, but the chances are that you are not paying enough attention to the lighting inside. Even smaller closets deserve some loving and yours should be extra special since you are eager to improve your home overall.

Many of us have similar colored clothing and black somehow dominates most 21st Century closets. Including some excellent recessed lighting inside the closet can help you distinguish between similar colors.

If you have a penchant for mixing and matching your clothes each morning, you deserve a secondary source of lighting. It is usually a gallery fixture right across the header. Adding just a couple of lighting sources to your closet can change the way your closet looks and feels.

5.  You Are Not Choosing The Correct Size Of Light Fixture For Your Room 

Just like a king-sized bed cannot fit properly inside a 3-meter by 3-meter bedroom, a single light fixture that is only a couple of inches across will not suit an expansive living room with furniture. Pick an accessory that fits with the particular space. A plain closet light or flush mount will feel minuscule in the middle of your living room ceiling.

Did you also forget about the color of your walls? If your living room walls are not warm in tone, you need a light that can increase the overall warmth of the room. To find the correct size, add the room’s height and width in feet. The same number in inches is the approximate diameter of your fixture.

You cannot get the correct lighting fixtures by just eyeballing the size and brightness. Get into a rigorous trial and error method with a lighting expert if you want your home lighting to brighten up your life.

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  1. Radhakrishna

    You are right Andi. Lights play a crucial role in the makeover of a house and rooms in it. A light in the house reflects our taste and mood in the house. Like wise lights also play a vital role in Lawns. Lawns are to be decorated with pleasant lights so that one can relax in the lawns after a stressful of work.

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