Best Beaches To Check Out While Dalmatian Island Hopping

November 27, 2017

Photo by Sergii Gulenok on Unsplash

A coastal backdrop of soaring mountains, tawny islands, and lunar-like landscapes — the Croatian Adriatic boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in Europe! Immerse yourself in the laid-back vibe along glimmering coastlines, visit ancient ruins that blend with pebble beaches, explore hidden coves; The Dalmatian Islands are a treasure trove of countless idyllic beaches, reefs, and islets.

Allow yourself to revel in a mood of utter contentment, spend your days lazing by the sun, and your afternoon exploring little towns. The Dalmatian Islands are the perfect destination to island hop in.

An overload for your senses, from the sun-kissed beaches to the blend of colors, smells and sounds — you will be surrounded by sheer beauty. Of course, with over 1,000 gorgeous islands, choosing what itinerary to plan can seem quite overwhelming.

The Dalmatian Islands have long lured in rich sailors with their effortless beauty and underwater topography. But gone are the days where you have to be filthy rich to go island hopping, today it is easier than ever.

In this island-hopper’s paradise, you will be sailing along translucent water, mountainous backdrops, and historical towns. With reliable wind patterns, hundreds of marinas, and a plethora of islands to choose from; sailing across the islands has never been easier.

When To Go?

There is no doubt that if you are planning to go on a Dalmatian Island hopping trip, it is ten times better to make it in summer. The weather is nothing short of glorious, the temperatures reach highs of 27 degrees Celcius and the sea temperature is so comfortably warm. This is when you can relish the warmth of the sea; enjoy snorkeling or paddleboard without thinking twice of the weather.

If you are going to be sailing, make sure to go there from May to September. If you are going to be island-hopping in a car, then the weather stays beautiful until end of October.

You can island-hop all year round, but a lot of businesses usually end up shutting up, or are not even accessible altogether.

What Islands To Visit?

There are so many islands across the Dalmatian coast, and they all offer different experiences. Some are blessed with hidden coves and others boast gorgeous olive groves. You will find white-stone villages bustling with life and uninhabited islands unscathed by the human touch.

The thing about the Dalmatian Islands is that they are the epitome of ­delicious laziness and laid-back vibes. You will be experiencing an unrushed version of life, going through your days slowly — no pressure of sight-seeing, no long lines, no booking attractions. It is all just so chill!

With your yacht charter ready to go, you will be embarking on a trip of a lifetime.

Sure Zagreb is gorgeous and Trogir is a medieval paradise, but can anything really beat the white peaks of mountains blended with azure waters? I doubt it!

The most popular islands are definitely Brac, Hvar, and Korcula. From the lemon-tree lined island of Brac to the Baroque architecture of Hvar; the islands are a labyrinth of medieval streets with water of the Adriatic sea snaking its way in between.

Where you start your trip depends on where you were and which airport you will be landing in. The majority of trips start in Split, where the largest port exists, and it is the perfect gateway to Solta, Hvar, Brac, Korcula, and Vis.

Other people like to start in Dubrovnik and move on to Mljet, Lastovoko, Korcula, and Havar.

What Are The Best Beaches?

There is no need to mention that choosing the best beaches is almost impossible to do. The islands boast an incredibly diverse array of beaches, each catering to different preferences! You want secluded beaches with no one else around? Check! Gorgeous post-card perfect beaches? Check! Full-on family resorts? Also check!

But still, some beaches are adored by the majority, and so here is a list of some of the beaches you need to make sure you visit:


Despite Saharun’s almost unreal white sands, the main attraction here is the water. You will keep second-guessing yourself and thinking maybe you are inside a swimming pool. The water is incredibly translucent and the town of Dugi Otok is even prettier. With a tall light-house, many all-night beach parties, and an overall fun atmosphere — the town with its beach is incredible.

Vela Przina

Korcula is the largest and most visited islands in Croatia, so it is no doubt that the island is packed with gorgeous beaches. The Vela Przina beach is one of the most popular beaches, with the backdrop of lush green forests. The juxtaposition of the green mountains and the blue water creates a glorious destination.

Zlatni Rat

Ah the Golden Cape! There is no competition. This is the most beautiful beach of them all. It is the star of every Croatian holiday, the pearl of the islands, and the image that comes up when you google Croatia. The most photographed beach of them all extends for meters into the sea in a tongue-like shape. White pebbles, pine trees, rocky cliffs, and turquoise waters. What is not to love about Zlatni Rat?

Dubovica Beach

This is the place you for peace of mind, isolation, and pure solitude. It is not a place you go to for partying, eating out, or dancing the night away. This is where you go to bask under the sun with a drink in hand and your worries a thousand miles away.

The emerald green lagoon frames rolling hills, crystal clear waters are perched under historic sites and sunbathers frolic under the sun.

Kraljicina Plaza

Queen’s Beach is a burst of colors that seduces you into its glory. Sweeping lush landscapes, the bluest shade of water, and the grey slopes of the Velebit Mountains. The beach will surely make your heart stop. People come here to windsurf, swim in the sea, or simply relax on the shore.

Makarska Bay

Perched underneath Mount Biokovo, Makarska Bay is basically a palm-tree-lined beach dotted with fun. From chic cafes, little boutique shops, restaurants, and the chance to participate in water activities — there is so much you can do!

Punta Rata

The polychromatic colors of towels on the sand, the dozens of different shades of blue, limestone cliffs; Punta Rata is a dream. Boats line the shore creating an ever so picturesque view and the fig trees and olive groves add to the beauty of it all.


  • Make sure you plan your route way ahead of time and book everything in advance. The high season usually results in really high prices and very low availability.
  • Pack light! If you are renting your own yacht, make sure you have nice company. Nothing is worse than being stuck with people you hate for days at sea.
  • Always have some cash in the local currency.
  • Get photocopies of all your documents.
  • Stay safe! Obey all rules and precautions.

So, get ready for your Croatian dream, with azure waters and cliffs rising from the sea. Relish in the tranquil surroundings, explore different islands, and live the true definition of a laidback lifestyle. The culture of a busy port, the mystery of medieval towns, the clear Adriatic waters –are you ready?




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