Things to Consider before Choosing a Catering Service

December 1, 2017

Planning an event requires the best possible combination of elements to make it a success. Food is at the centre of any event planning. When it comes to making arrangements to hire a catering service, you need to present a whole host of information. This information is crucial to how the restaurant will provide services to meet the needs of the event.

Before approaching restaurants in New Brunswick to get a quote for consideration, you need to have in mind exactly what you want the catering service to provide. The kind of party or event you are planning to host will determine the food service required. Working out this information beforehand also makes the task of choosing a catering service easier.

Type of event you are hosting

The food service needs of events is different. A cocktail, for example, will have more finger food than full course meals. The event that you are hosting will determine the type of sitting as well as other elements of the event. Determining the event type should be the first thing you do before engaging a catering service. The restaurant you engage in should have the right commercial kitchen shared space to cook food and adequate staff to serve at the event If you are having a dinner event that requires a three-course meal, the catering service you pick should provide the food and have adequate staff to serve at the event.

Preferred cuisine

Decode the type of cuisine you want for your party. Add some excitement by going for cuisine that adds some thrilling twist to the event. You can find a restaurant offering Spanish cuisine, for example, making the event different in that aspect. Of course, you should consider adding other neutral foods, especially for people who cannot handle food that is too spicy. Determining the cuisine in advance will help you find a catering service with the right menu options and can accommodate people with different needs.

Drinks to be served

Drinks can make or break your event. You should consider what you will serve at the event beforehand. You also need to decide whether you will serve alcoholic drinks or not. Open bar or closed bar is another issue to think about before approaching the catering service. You can limit the flow of alcohol to levels where everyone remains civil, especially in events where you want everyone well behaved. In some events, guests expect free flowing alcohol and therefore you should provide it to them.

Number of people that will attend

The number of people in attendance is important as it helps ease the planning. The catering restaurant will provide enough food to feed everyone if they have the right figure. The figure is also important because you can choose the best service with the capability of handling your given number of guests. This is especially necessary when you expect many guests at your event. Planning with the number in mind allows you to factor in other elements such as enough chairs and tables to cater for everyone.

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