Keeping Your New Year Travel Resolutions

December 1, 2017

Statistics say that some 40% of Americans make at least one New Year’s resolution each year, while only 8% actually keep the resolutions they make. But you do not want to be one of those resolution breakers. It may be your New Year’s resolution, as you head into 2018, is all about finally traveling to some of the places you have always wanted to visit, but never had the chance.

However, it will take more than grit and determination to become the world traveler you have always dreamed about being. It will take a concrete plan of action. It will also take the right tools, especially high-tech travel gadgets that will make your journeys safer, more enjoyable, and easy to store as permanent memories.

Here are five tech tools that can help you make your New Year’s travel goals become a reality:

1. A Prepaid Phone With An International Travel Plan

Anyone getting ready to “get mobile” beyond the borders of the USA should consider using a prepaid phone and a company with an affordable international plan. You will also want a top-tier newly released smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, that is also affordable to buy on a payment plan. Your phone may be your only connection to the US and your only means of immediate emergency response, during your travels, so this is one area to fully prepare.

2. Anti-Noise Headphones

Let us face it. Traveling may be exciting when you get there, but long waits in a plane, bus, train, or car can get a bit boring at times, which is why you want to bring your music with you. You also need to use some of this transit time wisely and catch up on sleep, but the surrounding noise may make that almost impossible.

Invest in some Bose QuietComfort 25 or other high-tech noise-cancellation headphones and background noise fades away. They are great for wearing while you sleep on a plane too, not just for focusing on your tunes.

3. Get A USB Flash Drive

If you do not already have a flash drive with plenty of memory, in good condition, and in a protective carry case (preferably with a cord to wear it around your neck), this should be a first priority before you travel.

You will likely need to print off plane tickets at a hotel front desk or access your passport photo and other scanned and saved documents. You will not want to be packing a printer and you may sometimes be away from information stored only on your laptop. So, a USB flash drive is a must.

4. Phone Accessories

To protect your phone as you travel and get the best use out of it, you will want to stock up on some important smartphone accessories, including: car charger for road trips, portable phone charger to use for emergency re-charging, and a highly durable phone cases. On the last point, at home, a slimmer case may do, but do not begrudge your phone bulkier, thicker protection when traveling.

5. A “Smart Suitcase”

This is cutting edge and you may or may not want to make the investment. Although, it can be well worthwhile. A “smart suitcase” allows you to locate your bag and see if it has been opened or not remotely from your smartphone. This can give you peace of mind and help you find your bag faster at the luggage pick-up point. Plus, some smart suitcases have a built-in USB connection from which you can recharge devices.

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