How to Effectively Stop Your Drains from Blocking

December 17, 2017

A drain that constantly blocks is such a nuisance and it can really drive you insane. You can imagine having to use your plunger every time you use the bathroom or kitchen sink or worse when your bathtub water does not drain well. It can turn out to be a messy experience and quite frustrating too. While many websites will give you many DIY tips in the hopes of fixing the drain, the best thing you can do is to get a plumber to come and deal with the problem.

Blocked drains happen due to blockages that hinder the free flow of water down the pipe. It can be due to various items getting stuck in the pipe, thus stopping the water from going through. The usual culprits of blocked drain pipes include hair, soap scum, grease and small debris that may find its way down the drain. Having a plumber unblock the drains clears the pipes of the said debris. You can ensure you have clear pipes all the time by using the following tips.

Have regular pipe maintenance

You should have the plumber regularly come in to clean the drains. Such maintenance will help clear any blockages starting to form before they become a problem. Sometimes the blockage may happen deep down when tree roots invade the pipes in the ground. The plumber has the equipment to clean all types of blockages that you may have with your pipes. You will notice with this maintenance that you will have fewer incidences of blocked pipes.

The maintenance will also help deal with any problems that your plumbing system may have. You can get pipes replaced before they completely wear out causing water damage to your property. The plumber can look at other existing issues such as low water pressure and leakages at this time. From this care and maintenance, you will have a functional plumbing system at all times. You will have little need to call in the plumber because of emergencies, saving you money.

Control what goes down the drain

You can also work towards preventing the reoccurrence of drain blockages. You can start by ensuring that you control what goes down the drain. Ensure your sinks, shower and other draining points have effective strainers and guards. This should effectively sieve debris flowing down the drain. This way, small items that can cause blockages will not go down the drain. Encourage other users to use waste bins to throw away solid waste, especially food items.

You will notice that reducing the amount of solid debris going down the drains will minimize the chances of drain blockage. In addition, do not overwhelm the drains by, for example, washing muddy boots or shoes in the bathroom. All that soil will go down the pipes and may cause them to block should it accumulate at an already forming block point. You can opt to hose down the boots outside. Being conscious of how you use the drains will help you reduce the number of unnecessary objects that go down the drains.

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