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December 24, 2017

Escape rooms are an entertaining and fun concept that everyone can try. They involve locking up participants in an adventure themed room. The goal is to figure out how to get out before a specified amount of time runs out.

Entering the Escape Room

After participants are provided with an initial brief regarding the game, they are led to the door of the escape room by a friendly guide. The group enters and gets familiar with the environment before the guide departs.

Once the door is closed, an introduction video plays and relays information about the room’s storyline and theme. It gives your group instructions on how to begin. This is typically followed by the group exploring the room, searching for clues and solving each challenge and puzzle while working towards an escape.

Playing Escape Games

Escape games are for anyone for likes to have fun, enjoys playing games or wants to try out something new for fun. Co-workers, family members and groups of friends can all find something that they will enjoy.

Escape games are great for team building. When the door closes, the group is focused on the primary objective of working together and finding a way to escape. From sports teams to corporate organizations, getting together in an escape room is a worthwhile consideration.


Escape rooms emphasize on the need to provide people with a memorable escape game experience. They are designed to be challenging and enhance the fun rather than making things too easy. Various puzzles are included in the game to accommodate different capacities and skills. This makes it possible for everyone to actively contribute. Visit Sacramento’s best escape room site here.

Team Building

  • Groups work together to crack codes, uncover clues and solve problems in order to move forward as a team. Your team will have a limited amount of time, typically 60 minutes, to try and escape the room.
  • Every room features a storyline that participants are introduced to when they enter along with a set of basic instructions on what should be uncovered to escape.
  • Game masters usually watch the game via a camera and can help with hints in case the group is unable to progress to the next challenge.

Fun for Everyone

Escape rooms cater to people of all skill sets and ages. You do not require special knowledge or skills to solve riddles and puzzles. All you need is curiosity and creativity that will help to lead you and your team out of a locked room.

Quick Tips

  • Escape room consists of a number of challenges that you must overcome within the given time. You need to move as quickly as you can before time runs out.
  • An effective team requires people who are able to work together because teamwork is essential when playing the game. More players increase the chances of escaping in time.
  • The counter or clocker in the room lets you know how much time you have to escape.
  • There are various hidden puzzles in each room. Your team is required to find and solve them to escape.

Trying an escape room game is an enjoyable adrenaline filled activity that you will want to experience over and over again.

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