A Helpful Guide For How To Deal With Windows

December 26, 2017

Whether you have a bungalow or a three-story house, your home will have more than a few windows that you need to take care of properly. If you are not sure how to maintain, clean, or even decorate your Toronto home’s windows, take a look at this brief helpful guide.

Maintaining Your Windows

You will need to inspect your windows a few times every year, especially during the winter season — this is important and handy information for taking care of your house in a harsh and unforgiving Canadian climate. If your windows are not winterized, you will experience cold drafts and moisture leaks that will cause damage and discomfort. Making sure to weather strip the windows and seal any gaps with caulking should help protect your home from these common problems. If you find that regular maintenance is not fixing issues like moisture leaks or drafts, you should consider getting window replacements. These problems can be fixed by high-quality energy-efficient windows that are installed by trained and experienced professionals. You should use a reliable local company like Casa Bella Windows and Doors, as they can provide superior quality windows and properly install them so that their clients get the best results.

Cleaning Your Windows

You want your windows to sparkle from the inside and outside, which is why it is important to know how to clean them. If you want to clean your windows like a pro, you should have separate scrubbers and cloths for the interior and exterior; this is because the exterior will have much more to wash off. Your windows can deal with a lot of outdoor mess like dirt, grime, bugs, dead leaves, and bird excrement.

Other Tips For Cleaning Windows:

  • You can use white vinegar as a more natural alternative to store-bought window cleaner.
  • Certain forms of paper towel will leave behind lint, so you should use cotton cloths to dry windows.


Decorating Your Windows

If you want inspiration for your interior design project, you should look up elegant curtain styles to amplify the look of a large window. Choose a curtain or drape that will make the window stand out amongst the furniture in the space. Picking an intricate pattern, glamorous fabric, or bold color will make the window the center of attention. When you decorate the exterior of your home, consider a more natural approach with a row of window boxes filled with fresh herbs or seasonal flowers. 

Other Tips For Decorating Your Windows: 

  • Use shorter curtains for smaller windows, because long curtains will look uneven and take up the entire space.
  • For a brighter interior, find curtains that are thin or sheer so that natural light can filter into rooms.

If you follow these tips for maintenance, cleaning, and decorating, you should be completely confident in dealing with your windows. This way you should feel comfortable with how your windows function and look in your Toronto home throughout the entire year.

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