Family Beach Vacation: Things To Look For When Selecting A Perfect Beach Bike

January 3, 2018

Spending time with your family on a beach to enjoy the sunshine is one of the cool ways to enjoy a winter holiday. Biking around the beach can be a highly pleasing activity for you and your young kids. So, I have prepared a simple guide on things to look for when selecting a perfect beach bike.

If you have ever heard about how bad most standard bikes are for your body, you are not wrong. It does not apply to everyone, but more often than not, any standard bike you buy in a store is not going to contour to your body correctly. Even if you purchase it after looking up a height and weight to bike frame size conversion rate, there is still a chance that you can encounter joint issues and other problems, like slow riding. You need a custom bike, and here is why sixthreezero stands above the rest:

  1. Custom Fit

Their complex algorithm determines, based on your height and weight, what bike is best for you. It means a quicker, easier ride that you can actually enjoy without feeling scrunched-up or far away from the pedals.

  1. Retro Style

Have you actually taken a look at other bikes on the market nowadays? They are trying to make them look like cars from science-fiction movies, but few are sticking to their guns on retro style like sixthreezero is.

  1. Customizable To-a-Tee

Ever try to put a new seat on another brand of bike? It is exhausting. Sixthreezero womens beach cruiser bikes with gears are easy to customize, especially with their line of fenders and accessories.

  1. Baskets Are Back

What ever happened to people riding bikes with baskets? They are the quickest way to get your necessities from A to B and they come in a wide range of colors. Most bikes are built without the ability to attach a basket, but sixthreezero comes prepared.

  1. Switching Out Grips Is A Synch

Your rubber grips come off on your hands, but what other option do you have? With sixthreezero bikes, you can toss on leather grips instead, giving you a smoother ride all the way through.

There is no customer experience and rider’s journey quite like the one provided at sixthreezero. The list goes on, but suffice to say: sixthreezero definitely stands apart!

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