Four Reasons To Fall In Love With Reclaimed Wood Furniture

January 3, 2018

Maybe you have seen it used to good effect at that hip new restaurant that just opened near you or maybe you marvelled at it when you visited your friend’s place last time — reclaimed wood is making a big splash in the world of design and it is not difficult to see why. The reasons are numerous for choosing reclaimed wood furniture over something that is made from new wood, however, for the sake of brevity they can be categorized into less than a handful of reasons.

Environmentally Friendly

As with many personal decisions, and not just those concerning furniture, the fact that reclaimed wood furniture is good for the environment places it at the top of the list. Because reclaimed wood uses wood from trees that were felled a long time ago, sporting this kind of furniture in your home means that you are saving a new tree from being used. Reusing materials is one of the key tenets of being environmentally friendly and right there in the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), so it is no wonder why people who are looking to leave less of a footprint choose reclaimed wood.

Unique Character

Another excellent reason for choosing reclaimed wood furniture over furniture made from new wood is the value of collection. The simple fact is that reclaimed wood benefits from a level of craftsmanship and handmade quality that modern mass-produced pieces do not possess. Every piece of reclaimed furniture is made from some piece of wood that has a history, and that history is sculpted into something modern and unique.


One of the most popular reasons why collectors of furniture love reclaimed wood so much is due to the fact that they enjoy the act of refurbishing. For those who have the do-it-yourself itch, re-staining, or picking a new stain for a piece of wood furniture is fun. There is nothing like filling your home or office with unique furniture, knowing that it was your own creativity and handiwork that went into the look of the pieces. This effect can take even the most humble of environments and make it feel like a private and sacred sanctuary of class and style.

Pass It Down

Finally, when reclaimed wood furniture is kept in good enough condition and refurbished in just the right way, it becomes an heirloom. That is right, this piece of wood that was given a second life can go on to lead yet another life, provided that the quality of the piece was good initially. When shopping for a piece of reclaimed wood furniture that you might like to one day pass down, look for something Canadian made, preferably from a company that has a long history of dealing with solid wood furniture.

Centering a room around a reclaimed wood dining room table is a bold and sophisticated choice. It says that you care about the environment, that you care about uniqueness and style, and that you have cleverly invested in the future!

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