Cornerstones Of A Contemporary Instagram Marketing Strategy

January 6, 2018

Both the dynamic marketing environment and the rapid growth of Instagram make it imperative for online marketers to constantly keep their marketing strategy updated to be able to take on the new challenges. For an Instagram marketing strategy to be effective in the current context, you should look at integrating the following pillars:

Make A Killer First Impression With Your Instagram Bio

With so many users, it is extremely important for you to ensure that your Instagram bio stands out and manages to impress the user in just a few seconds of his attention span. Your profile picture ideally should be a close-up of your face since research has proven that people like to do business with someone they can identify. If you are a large company with a known logo, it is okay for you to use your logo; however, entrepreneurs may do better to use a human face. To take advantage of the search feature of Instagram, make sure that your account name includes the most relevant keywords used by searchers.

Your bio description must be clear about what your business does and its location. Try to incorporate the business hours, else, make sure that the details are mentioned prominently on your website to which you link. It is best not to engage in wordplay in your bio to avoid confusing people. Also, make certain that the top grid images are the best you have and when put together does not look messy and turn off users.

Curate Your Content To Look Like A Top-Grade Magazine

Instagram is all about images speaking for themselves. You will achieve real Instagram likes, better loyalty, and user engagement when each of your images feels like a magazine page telling a distinct but complete story. If your Instagram account is focused on something specific, as it ideally should be, you need to think about posting pictures that support your business image. Attempt to make the pictures speak for themselves without needing the support of additional text.

Enhance Your Discoverability With Fine-Tuned Hashtags

Hashtags are the preferred method by which Instagram users try to locate content, and thus, it is necessary for you to include the relevant hashtags in your content. Since Instagram allows inclusion of up to 30 different hashtags per post, you can easily see why it is such a popular thing with users and content publishers. You should think of hashtags in the same way as keywords for SEO; it is important to be relevant as well as creative for the best chance of being discovered in a user search. Instagram also permits searches by name and places in addition to hashtags.


Your Instagram marketing strategy will only be successful when you achieve a high degree of user engagement. However, interaction with your followers does not happen by accident; you will need to put into place engagement strategies that work. Take the time and effort to interact with your followers, respond to their queries and concerns, like their posts and make a genuine attempt to connect with them.

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