Top Reasons For Palm Tree Removal

January 5, 2018

Different seasons make it necessary for property owners to deal with removing dying foliage, trimming trees and cutting back dead branches. Lifeless limbs can be hazardous to your family members and property with a higher risk of branches falling when temperatures dip. Palm tree removal is a worthwhile task at any time of the year.

Palm Tree Removal Services

There are various reasons to consider palm tree removal at your premises.

  • Lifeless branches or dying palm trees can threaten people’s wellbeing, cars, power lines and roofs. Tree experts are available to assess the conditions of your property and identify palm trees that require maintenance or need to be removed entirely.
  • The roots of trees can be significantly large. As roots continue to grow, they pose the risk of lifting and impairing concrete structures within your property, which can lead to inconvenient and costly damage.
  • Overgrown branches and unsightly trees can obstruct your view of the natural and scenic surroundings.
  • Too much shade or a visually unappealing tree can diminish the cub appeal of your home.
  • Activities such as regular pruning and tree removal are essential for enhancing the appearance and value of your property.
  • Removing trees for the purpose of adding a shed, pool or any other type of addition can have a positive effect on your quality of life and subsequently boosting the value of your home.

Professional Tree Care

  • While regular palm tree care services are useful for keeping trees safe and healthy, there may be times when actions such as pruning and trimming are not enough to avoid palm tree removing.
  • Being aware of when it is beneficial to completely remove trees form your property helps to protect your family, friends, other trees and your home.
  • If you are concerned about the safety, health or appearance of your trees, you can contact tree care professionals like The Local Tree Experts to find out more about your removal options.


A diseased or dead tree is often a safety hazard. Tree care services typically recommend cutting down palm trees when certain issues are noticed to prevent the possibility of accidents. Call Round Rock arborists for safely removing trees. Palm trees can be dangerous when they are situated in areas that are characterized by a lot of vehicle or foot traffic. This is mainly due to the loose, large and heavy palm fronds that may end up hurting people or causing major and costly damage.


Pests are known for invading diseased and dead trees but they can also inhabit healthy trees. If these types of trees are not dealt with in a timely manner, their new vermin occupants can rapidly spread across your property.

Key Considerations

  • A tidy and clean yard enhances the aesthetic quality of your garden. Removal helps to keep away pests such as ticks and rats that are drawn to dead palm fronds.
  • Removing dry and dead palm leaves prevents fire hazards.
  • Large heavy palm fronds are likely to be blown around or can fall and land on your property, neighbouring property, pedestrians and cars.
  • Some palm trees produce seeds that end up falling to the ground or into stormwater and start to grow. These types of seeds are attractive to bats, possum and large birds.
  • If you are concerned about the safety, health or appearance of your trees, you can contact tree care professionals to find out more about your removal options.
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