How To Make Your Clothes-Swap Parties Fun

January 30, 2018

There is always that time of the year when you have too many clothes and some of them do not fit you or your tastes anymore. Instead of leaving them to gather dust or be eaten by moths, you can give them away. Better yet, you can host a clothes-swap party!

Clothes-swap parties serve different purposes. One, when you rummage through your closet to get rid of old clothes, you clear up space and avoid clutter. Two, you can save money, because you do not have to spend money on buying new clothes. Three, you help save the environment when you are recycling or repurposing old but wearable clothes.

How do you make the most of clothes-swap parties and have a rollicking time? Check out a few pointers:

Timing Is Everything

You cannot just round up your girlfriends all of a sudden for a swap party. You need to tell them at least two weeks in advance, so all of you will have enough time to prepare your clothes and pack them. You can send your invites through email or write an old-fashioned card you can deliver personally.

How many do you invite? You can start with a group of three if you want to keep it small. If you have the enough space at home and you can handle a huge crowd, you can invite as many as ten to twenty people.


You are swapping clothes, but you are still hosting a party. Prepare drinks and light snacks, preferably the kind that is not messy to eat so you will not stain the clothes while trying them on. Play upbeat music to keep the mood light.

The clothes should be sorted into categories (e.g., for women, for kids) and properly labeled (e.g., size 8, summer wear, needs dry cleaning) for quicker identification. There should be at least two full-length mirrors, so you all can see how the clothes fit.

Guests should wear comfortable clothes, so they can fit clothes easily while there are other people around. They should also have their own tote bags with them, so you will not have to buy paper bags or plastic bags.


The clothes you should include in the swap should be in good condition, even though they are not new. There should be no ratty or stained clothing. You should all agree to bring different types and sizes of clothing, so everyone gets something at the end of the party.

To make the swap orderly, you can draw lots to see who gets to pick first. You can allow each person to get three items at a time for every round of shopping. Make sure that each person gets to take home the same number of items as she brought for the party.

Other Options

If a clothes-swap party is not a viable option at the moment, you can turn to other ways of disposing used clothing. You can sell clothes online if you want to reach more customers. You can donate them to shelters to help provide basic needs to underprivileged people. You can also donate your clothes to textile-recycling centers, where they will be processed into materials that can be used to make “new” clothing.

Final Words

Clothes-swap parties are enjoyable especially because you get to bond with people you know. You should make the necessary preparations and establish clear and fair rules so everyone will have a good time.

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